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I Put The 30 Greatest NBA Players Ever Into The 2020 NBA Draft | Officially Deciding The GOAT. 

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Michael Jordan. LeBron James. Kobe Bryant. Magic Johnson. Shaquille O’Neal. Tim Duncan. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Bill Russell. Hakeem Olajuwon. Wilt Chamberlain. Larry Bird... the list goes on. We’ve heard these names repeated over and over again in history for decades, yet there will never be any factually proven closure on who the absolute best players of this elite group actually are. So, in attempt to answer all the questions that can’t be answered, I put ESPN’s 30 Greatest Players of All Time into the 2020 Draft Class & made the rest of the NBA trash, giving everybody an even playing field. So... what was the result? Well watch the video idk

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Ortega O
Ortega O 2 muaj më parë
How do u do this????
newzay50 3 muaj më parë
Rrrerrr rr. S
nmb Memphis beast24
nmb Memphis beast24 3 muaj më parë
Watching this video again bruh lebron ft must be on like 46?
Anshul Warade
Anshul Warade 5 muaj më parë
Did anyody realise that at 10:43 we can see that Curry dropped 66 on Jan 3 21' which is the exact date when he dropped his career high 62 on Portland
Moneymaker 8 muaj më parë
4 am
Raihan Al Bazzy
Raihan Al Bazzy 3 ditë më parë
how can Jordan got the 3rd pick everywhere
memphis gust
memphis gust 4 ditë më parë
go to 50:05 in the video and theres an old man by nick nurse that looks like bill russell
NFL.Editz.14 8 ditë më parë
Redraft this but make clones of the person that gets drafted by that team
TheModer8ter 9 ditë më parë
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Rambo The God
Rambo The God 12 ditë më parë
umm lebron was 18 when he entered the league not 20🤔
MUBM 12 ditë më parë
Bill Russell would've been my number 1
Jumpshot Doctor
Jumpshot Doctor 13 ditë më parë
Great content
A Lamb And A Wolf
A Lamb And A Wolf 16 ditë më parë
Rodrigo Jimendez
Rodrigo Jimendez 18 ditë më parë
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Aaron O'Shea
Aaron O'Shea 18 ditë më parë
Where's Wilt ffs?
Babatunde Olajide
Babatunde Olajide 20 ditë më parë
its been a year and i still feel bad for the thunder
Luke Tobias
Luke Tobias 21 ditë më parë
How is giannis top 30
Midwest Marcus
Midwest Marcus 25 ditë më parë
I’m just glad the Nuggets made it to the finals for once lol
Rocky Flores
Rocky Flores 26 ditë më parë
Bro look at the two jerseys in the back Phx & bucks .. I was just looking for something to watch & when I seen that this was in 2020 it gave me chills .. Phoenix vs bucks in the finals rn
em843 26 ditë më parë
No wonder Phil went to Kukoc over Scottie.
USSR 27 ditë më parë
We did take that Luca guy nobody cares about him lol
INSPECTOR ZAP 28 ditë më parë
WAIT!Barkley? How did he get to play Barkley? Did he create him?
Brandon Wong
Brandon Wong 29 ditë më parë
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Tina Woodyard
Tina Woodyard Muaj më parë
Why was Lonzo ball in this?
Tina Woodyard
Tina Woodyard Muaj më parë
I would take Rodman over Russell for defense. Bill wouldn't contain Shaq like Rodman did
marius weber
marius weber Muaj më parë
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King 2kgucci
King 2kgucci Muaj më parë
Janet Jones
Janet Jones Muaj më parë
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Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker Muaj më parë
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JCS CSS 4367
JCS CSS 4367 Muaj më parë
Wilt does ok against plumbers
Hoda Salameh
Hoda Salameh Muaj më parë
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Drake lipsey
Drake lipsey Muaj më parë
were is Westbrook
Steven The Champion
Steven The Champion Muaj më parë
where was kyrie irving
Ry Guy
Ry Guy Muaj më parë
Who heard that he said wilt was not a starter but he was a reserve
Quentin Bradberry
Quentin Bradberry Muaj më parë
Norvel Pelle>>>Scottie Pippen
Brent Davis
Brent Davis Muaj më parë
I was mouse in the housing my homie on the court when I was reminded to like this video.
Blake Clark
Blake Clark Muaj më parë
How is Bol Bol always so overpowered
Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia Muaj më parë
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Vernon Schaal
Vernon Schaal Muaj më parë
Isiah Thomas was way not a bad player! He's better then John (0 championships) Stocken. Thomas only went through the bulls and Jordon in 86, 87, 88, 89, 90. Beat um ever year and won 2 champions. Plus he ended the cletics, and lakers dynasty's by beating bird, and mr magic (aids) johnson. He got robbed of a 3rd championship due to the phantom foul call on lambeir, that gifted the lakers a game 7. plus played on 1 leg that during 6 in the 88 finals with a broken ankle. He couldn't play game 7 once the swelling kicked in.
Vernon Schaal
Vernon Schaal Muaj më parë
Wilt Chamberlin is the greatest player of all time, nobody will ever break any of his records there all unbreakable. Just look at his records.
Nickolas Geluz
Nickolas Geluz Muaj më parë
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gonda g
gonda g Muaj më parë
2k is a poor simulator. Junk food content
Bryant McCoy
Bryant McCoy Muaj më parë
Wasn’t it Kansas City Kings?
Slick Walrus
Slick Walrus Muaj më parë
How has no one brought up the dude at 5:31 posting a tinder pic with a straw in his mouth for his player summary..
Rarified Apparel
Rarified Apparel Muaj më parë
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Sage Saks
Sage Saks Muaj më parë
Magic was an all star team captain EVERY SINGLE YEAR except the LAST one
uPhoneiFix Muaj më parë
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BMF Johns
BMF Johns Muaj më parë
I could watch these all day. I use to try to this with Madden like 20 years ago but u took it to a whole new level. I know this took forever but anyone who use to play franchise mode back in the day can appreciate your time and hard work.
lucas Brazy
lucas Brazy Muaj më parë
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Jillian Kallie
Jillian Kallie Muaj më parë
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kordeje qejekjim
kordeje qejekjim Muaj më parë
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Kasper AlexGabi
Kasper AlexGabi Muaj më parë
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JAY-FIVE Muaj më parë
Hakeem’s name was always Hakeem they just had his name spelled wrong
Bryan Hopkins
Bryan Hopkins Muaj më parë
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stacey bauer
stacey bauer Muaj më parë
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Thuong Chung
Thuong Chung Muaj më parë
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Etienne Muaj më parë
23:22 lol im dying
Blanco La Chico Bonjour
Probably needed to set team schemes to make this 100% accurate.... But I liked this!
Fe4r 47
Fe4r 47 Muaj më parë
Do prime JR and prime d rose on the same team
Andrew Webb
Andrew Webb Muaj më parë
I don’t know why game bol bol looks a little different then real life bol bol
Phill L.
Phill L. Muaj më parë
25:15 "Lebron goodbye, The admiral will be admiring the playoffs from the side line, Hakeem still dreaming, Dirks chances fade away."
Matty Ice
Matty Ice Muaj më parë
The Hawks would pick John Stockton over LeBron, this is very accurate.
String Bean Fishing
String Bean Fishing Muaj më parë
You should do the top 100 players ever so that literally there are no bums in the league
Neptune Scalper
Neptune Scalper Muaj më parë
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fergus ganley
fergus ganley Muaj më parë
remember? what
Almighty FDR94
Almighty FDR94 Muaj më parë
Hell of a video tbh thanks for making this
B Sports Analysis
B Sports Analysis Muaj më parë
I just want to say I hate Allen Iverson now as a bull's fan he cost us a ring
bopia cigiu
bopia cigiu Muaj më parë
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Shantiante Muaj më parë
had to stop watching 'cause of the OCD speed. You are like a frekkin energizer bunny. Ease up there!
Cowelarey Brdayanes
Cowelarey Brdayanes Muaj më parë
The soft air consistently squeeze because correspondent endogenously fancy at a truthful traffic. sophisticated, ossified estimate
beastyboy Muaj më parë
Karthik Aka
Karthik Aka Muaj më parë
Why didn't he make Magic's team the Orlando Magics
The Inktician
The Inktician Muaj më parë
Todays league is a guards league, so the draft was kinda accurate for a little bit. Jordwn got picked 3rd just like in real life. Weird
The Inktician
The Inktician Muaj më parë
I say that, but pretty much all the rings in the video were won by bigs
Brock Eshelman
Brock Eshelman Muaj më parë
Where is Dominique Wilkins???
Fortnite Gamer
Fortnite Gamer Muaj më parë
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Santman Muaj më parë
The future is bright for us clippers fans…
Brady Gagne
Brady Gagne Muaj më parë
My man talks really fast and vids still over an hour. That’s a hella lot of content god damn 😂
Trey Clements
Trey Clements Muaj më parë
Missed a perfect opportunity to put San Antetokounpos
Skyler Bird
Skyler Bird 2 muaj më parë
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Suvav Bhusal
Suvav Bhusal 2 muaj më parë
Giannis shouldn’t be here he ain’t top 30 all time yet
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 2 muaj më parë
41:11 hakeem shot 30 freethrows
Derrick Sibley
Derrick Sibley 2 muaj më parë
25mins in an just lost my shit! Melo not in top 30 tho 🤯
Tom Meng
Tom Meng 2 muaj më parë
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Joshua O. Komolafe
Joshua O. Komolafe 2 muaj më parë
why did I watch this whole thing?
Regina Figueroa-Tovar
Regina Figueroa-Tovar 2 muaj më parë
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Margaux Culerier
Margaux Culerier 2 muaj më parë
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Cameron Syxx
Cameron Syxx 2 muaj më parë
Giannis top 30 ever? Wow okay that I was not expecting
Ryan Khansary
Ryan Khansary 2 muaj më parë
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Joshua Bugayong
Joshua Bugayong 2 muaj më parë
Everybody will come here in 1st season with curry backpacking nuggets on an 8th seed, with nba predicting nba KEKW
Daniel Burton
Daniel Burton 2 muaj më parë
ESPN is always wrong... Melo should have been part of this
Setso King of ball
Setso King of ball 2 muaj më parë
Man i just love kawhi
Killa Hill
Killa Hill 2 muaj më parë
Kobe the only player to win a championship for both lakers and clippers
DJ Buffington
DJ Buffington 2 muaj më parë
how tf is giannis 30 all time already; same with kawhi
SP Football
SP Football 2 muaj më parë
27:58 Bills draft L.Rhoades.
Tackionic 2 muaj më parë
Watching Lebron average 40 points on the season to only win 29 games just hurt the heart
Russ Shipman
Russ Shipman 2 muaj më parë
John Stockton career sim pls, show love.
Pedro 3 muaj më parë
bro no way you didn't put magic on orlando
Jasaun Thompson
Jasaun Thompson 3 muaj më parë
It’s the Cincinnati Royals
nady jose villar tavarez
nady jose villar tavarez 3 muaj më parë
Clique we need a league without 3 pointers
SLim CRis Official
SLim CRis Official 3 muaj më parë
Fun fact:Mj always get selected in 3rd on draft,even Inside the NBA on TNT they get to select their all time greatest team and Michael was selected on the 3rd pick, sorry for my english tq
JacVsTheWorld 3 muaj më parë
clippers finally win a ring in one of your videos
Daylen Workman
Daylen Workman 3 muaj më parë
I'm just waiting for A.I to get the ring he never wonn.
Albert Graham
Albert Graham 3 muaj më parë
RIP Elgin Baylor.
Leafsfan16 3 muaj më parë
Scotties tissues
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