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I Put The NBA’s BEST SCORERS Up Against The BEST DEFENDERS... and this happened. 

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yeah this video’s pretty self explanatory, i kinda matched up the NBA’s best scorers of all time such as Stephen Curry, Carmelo Anthony and James Harden, up against the best defenders of all time, that includes Bill Russell, Gary Payton & Dennis Rodman. the catch is, well, the point here is for them to be polar opposites. you won’t find a Kawhi here because he’s pretty good at the offense thing. this is the NBA’s “scoring only” vs “defense only,” and it worked out even better than I thought it would.
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28 Gsh 2020




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Francis Martinez
Francis Martinez 8 ditë më parë
Where would you put mj he's a scorer while a lockdown
R Gurung
R Gurung 8 ditë më parë
Is this 7 game series during the playoffs or the regular season? I'm assuming this is during the playoffs as the defensive team won. Offense wins games, defense wins championships.
agnostic 98
agnostic 98 9 ditë më parë
1:45 why carmelo anthony look like an old lady on crack
NoobPlayZ Productions
NoobPlayZ Productions 9 ditë më parë
Wait so there's 2 Michael Jordans on the team? 👀 Edit: obviously it's a joke at how Jordan was Defensive player AND offensive player of the year
Kyle Schreckengost
Kyle Schreckengost 9 ditë më parë
Dope concept. 1 minute quarters gotta go
Janeil Tibayan
Janeil Tibayan 10 ditë më parë
I play on the broadcast camera angle 🦖😐
YoBoy Picky Eater
YoBoy Picky Eater 10 ditë më parë
Do a paul reed career sim
JORDAN JAMES 10 ditë më parë
Sydney moncrief got bailed making a 100% contested 3 over kyrie tf
DJ Chronicles
DJ Chronicles 11 ditë më parë
I was eating a burger when you reminded me to like
Brian Mangone
Brian Mangone 11 ditë më parë
Guiness Apotakpata
Eric Lamparter
Eric Lamparter 12 ditë më parë
ginnis akunkpo
Chino x2 609
Chino x2 609 15 ditë më parë
First video I saw & subscribed 💯
Sufisav 15 ditë më parë
My favorite Milwaukee Bucks player is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
Sufisav Ditë më parë
@LB8750 Yeah he used to be Lew Alcindor.
LB8750 Ditë më parë
@Sufisav cool! I’m pretty sure that’s why he changed his name.
Sufisav Ditë më parë
@LB8750 yeah and I am also muslim like him
LB8750 2 ditë më parë
He’s the best bucks player ever
Daryl Mangampo
Daryl Mangampo 15 ditë më parë
Probably Curry is annoyed with payton defending him all day lmao
Egghead 15 ditë më parë
Sydney moncrief over Scottie Pippen?!!🤦🏼‍♂️ Pippen is the best defender of all time.
Zack Cohen
Zack Cohen 16 ditë më parë
Where’s TRAE
HansBricks14 18 ditë më parë
It’s interesting how all the defensive players are guys from older generations and the scorers are all from the current generation. Defense is dead.
Ace JR
Ace JR 18 ditë më parë
bill russel is officially goat beating the best scorers for his 12 ring
Ruadhán Def
Ruadhán Def 19 ditë më parë
3:59 “blocked by Kyrie” is a sentence I never thought I’d hear
thehAPPYgunner 19 ditë më parë
MJ can also lock down. MJ guarding MJ.
Warren Danielson
Warren Danielson 20 ditë më parë
Steph can make defensive plays86 perimeter defense is good for him
irishchikn 20 ditë më parë
Make an all referee team
Berennoble Willy
Berennoble Willy 21 ditë më parë
My dad friend who is considered an uncle
redick04clay 21 ditë më parë
Should do this again with all their primes
redick04clay 21 ditë më parë
Could also do a roster update
Ignas Pukas122
Ignas Pukas122 21 ditë më parë
9-17 Clique: Its a 6pt win for the Scorers
Kiahn Ferris
Kiahn Ferris 21 ditë më parë
Bruh where’s Michael
odsickson1 22 ditë më parë
I wanna see what would happen if Melo joined Wade and James instead of Bosh? What would happen if Shaq and Iverson were on the same team and Kobe on the Sixers? What would happen if the bulls really traded Pippen for Kemp when they were going to Finally what would happen if Shaq stayed and Kobe left?
Rodney Vincent S. Ramirez
Rodney Vincent S. Ramirez 22 ditë më parë
Where's green?
Fiona Nolan
Fiona Nolan 23 ditë më parë
It's only took a game in and a half have dead😂
Fragilis one
Fragilis one 24 ditë më parë
"melo pull u- OMG JESUS CHRI"
Lock Robster
Lock Robster 24 ditë më parë
The most exciting best of 7 series I've ever watched. Top Defenders win!!! Rooting for Russell and Moncrief the whole series.
Gerard Vincent Batusin
Gerard Vincent Batusin 25 ditë më parë
I actually play 2k on the broadcast camera angle. Don't go at me, it's such that I am more comfortable with it. 😅
MrAstros53 26 ditë më parë
That first game was an 8 point win not 6
Spencer Bray
Spencer Bray 26 ditë më parë
HC Clean
HC Clean 27 ditë më parë
Why do these videos keep cutting non stop? It’s very annoying. Like it’ll be in the middle of a possession and the video will just cut and start up a half second later. So weird idk why this guy would edit it that way
Th3Krit1kal H1t
Th3Krit1kal H1t 27 ditë më parë
I was congratulating Kyrie on his blocks when you reminded me to like
Abel Jacob Cuaresma
Abel Jacob Cuaresma 27 ditë më parë
i sometimes use the broadcast
B3AST MØDE 28 ditë më parë
Bruce Bowen, Tony Allen, Jokiem Noah, that defensive line up is extremely disrespectful to great defenders. Kyrie over AI? T-Mac? you have 3 bigs in the defensive team with one on the offensive team. This is definitely rigged or you just don't care for good defense/defenders.
RG gaming ron and guy
RG gaming ron and guy 28 ditë më parë
Kevin durant instead of kyrie
Mr. William
Mr. William Muaj më parë
He should have matched positions. He gave the Bucks 3 big men.
Dylan Mariano
Dylan Mariano Muaj më parë
Where is mj and kobe?
AgentBombShell Muaj më parë
Wilt just deciding which side to go.
KI Ho Muaj më parë
Mutumbo should've been replaced by Ben Wallace
bensoflyyy Muaj më parë
I play on the broadcast camera, i haven't played the 2k camera style since nba live 2005
David Silva
David Silva Muaj më parë
Larry bird?
Dwight Booker
Dwight Booker Muaj më parë
Our sure this isn’t old school vs new school? There’s no 90s and before offensive juggernauts? And bill russell and mutumbo over Ben Wallace and Dwight Howard?
mccarvin carter
mccarvin carter Muaj më parë
I got a lot more invested than I thought
Tyler John
Tyler John Muaj më parë
Damn it’s 3-2 I wonder who gonna win
Tyler John
Tyler John Muaj më parë
My pops got a PS5 and only has 2k and he is 50.I’ll give you comments a like if you can correctly guess what camera angle he plays on.
MR. 11
MR. 11 Muaj më parë
How do you not have KD in your thumbnail
Antonio Kappos
Antonio Kappos Muaj më parë
MarcusWazHere_- Muaj më parë
Why was this so intense
David Layton
David Layton Muaj më parë
2k AI is so bad
Rye August
Rye August Muaj më parë
"Rodman would kill a man for a board" he almost did when he and mj rebounded at the same time and had to fight for the ball
K1awhi Muaj më parë
No Kawhi
Dāvs Muaj më parë
Clicked on thinking it's a Smequle video... It'll do.
Abu Draws!
Abu Draws! Muaj më parë
I guess im not smart because i just found out that 9+6 equals 17
regfamo dadobqub
regfamo dadobqub Muaj më parë
The motionless jar correlatively contain because thread inherently peep modulo a wistful slave. scattered, real battle
Sean Ravine Chrisniel Santander
What the hell is wrong with broadcast cam maaaan 🥺😂😂
thoughts Muaj më parë
zion willimson alo honourable mention hes a human tank
Haruki Nakamura
Haruki Nakamura Muaj më parë
Do one with best offense vs best defense young team. Offensive team- Mavs Pg- Luka Doncic Sg- Trae young Sf- Devin Booker Pf- Domantas Sabonis C- Nikola Jokic Defensive team - Utah Jazz Pg- Ben Simmons Sg- Jason Tatum Sf- Zion Williamson Pf- Giannis Antetokoumpo C- Joel Embiid
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers Muaj më parë
No Tony Allen??
Master Oogway
Master Oogway Muaj më parë
24:01 Steph curry just broke that guys ankles like 3 times
Released Muaj më parë
Sadly he never took the shot
BGMS_Pack Muaj më parë
from all the videos I've seen, curry's 2k stats are absolutely scuffed
I see You
I see You Muaj më parë
It should have been the big ben!
shinobiSimon Muaj më parë
1:35 i thought that was allen iverson lol
yungnoire Muaj më parë
favorite bucks player has to be brandon jennings or john henson
Edward Bennett
Edward Bennett Muaj më parë
That camera view is shit
Edward Bennett
Edward Bennett Muaj më parë
You playing the old John elway football camera view....broadcast view is better you got to play with the zoom height
David Buchanan
David Buchanan Muaj më parë
Stockton instead of Payton
Nicole Cook
Nicole Cook Muaj më parë
Wilt averaged 50
papi rico
papi rico Muaj më parë
I like Carmelo in ny
A.C. Barr
A.C. Barr Muaj më parë
How Iverson left of this list blasphemy
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis Muaj më parë
Pippen should have been the SF! He is the 🐐 Perimeter Defender!
Sean Cheng
Sean Cheng Muaj më parë
Day 1 of asking for Curry, MJ, Bron, Durant, and Shaq/Hakeem vs a league of 40 overalls
SL1CK Muaj më parë
25:13 L E V I T A T E
MegaChallanger Muaj më parë
You gotta do a full 48 min game though
perrydupreejr Muaj më parë
They have melo the old man braids lmaooooooooo
Chosen One
Chosen One Muaj më parë
Damn, melo looks old as fuck lol
GMS Our Yahawah & Saviour Yahawashi
How is Jordan not the best defensive on ball and off ball shooting guard?
redacted Muaj më parë
Love Moncrief!
joydivsion77 Muaj më parë
they got Melo looking like a damn crackhead
Umar Khan
Umar Khan Muaj më parë
Wheres kd?
Maxwell Edison
Maxwell Edison Muaj më parë
The different gorilla virtually boil because softball strangely mug than a tight aunt. mute, ceaseless horn
Taiy 1K
Taiy 1K Muaj më parë
Pistol Pete over kyrie
Ivan Nemet
Ivan Nemet Muaj më parë
Cant believe you didnt put Olajuwon in defensive team
Kaiden Fuller
Kaiden Fuller Muaj më parë
I’m sorry but only in 2k would this offensive team miss SO many open shots lol. It actually made me so aggravated lmao
Oscar Xirakis
Oscar Xirakis Muaj më parë
Allen Iverson?
Young Savage lll
Young Savage lll Muaj më parë
I bet in a full game the offensive team would blow the defensive team outta the water
Young Savage lll
Young Savage lll Muaj më parë
Including getting fouled every other play..... ITS an art.....😂😂😂 this had me dead
Zachary Elliot
Zachary Elliot Muaj më parë
he plays the games on rookie difficutly obv rodman is hitting 3s
Centurion Muaj më parë
What type of offensive players you put on there You stupid man! No durant, Kobe, Jordan or Iverson? But you have Irving harden and melo.. Like your videos though keep it up!
Agust Muaj më parë
The Bucks had Kareem and Giannis and he’s expecting to see a lot of Bogut comments?? 😆
Rewinds Muaj më parë
Where's Kobe and Michael?
Tell me why I was rooting for this like I was actually watching the finals. It's got me hype
Joseph Chatman
Joseph Chatman Muaj më parë
Vin Baker was my favorite Buck's player
Andrés Sevilla
Andrés Sevilla Muaj më parë
You missed Ben Wallace.
Christianryan Bautista
Christianryan Bautista Muaj më parë
Wheres hakeem?
Erik Craemer
Erik Craemer Muaj më parë
This is pretty dumb to have Bill on Melo😂😂😂
Real Rap
Real Rap Muaj më parë
What No KD 🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂
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