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I did the NBA’s viral TikTok trend, with a twist... here’s how it went. 

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Devin Gray
Devin Gray Ditë më parë
I was giving hashem thabeet the mvp award until u reminded me to like.
Dream 7 ditë më parë
i was subbed back in jan 2020 when u on like 3 k
Tiler 91
Tiler 91 10 ditë më parë
This man
Kyle Wright
Kyle Wright 10 ditë më parë
Sorry for responding on an old video but i got an idea The no ring challenge You have to make a team of players with no rings and get them a ring, once you win, you have to leave that team and do your best to make a second team of people who never won a ring. You can continue for how long you wish
Corey Love
Corey Love 11 ditë më parë
Me: "Gary Payton was in high-school in the 1980s" 1980's Team GM (aka Clique): "We're picking him anyway, cause why the hell not!"
PartyPieMan 16 ditë më parë
Sebastien Cousineau
Sebastien Cousineau 21 ditë më parë
Tina Combis
Tina Combis 23 ditë më parë
maybe clique doesnt know lebron signed at the heat in 2010
Samet Demirbaş
Samet Demirbaş 23 ditë më parë
you have strange voice for white man
Zeke Troutman
Zeke Troutman 26 ditë më parë
Why is my name in the video I’m so lost someone explain
Tymirial White
Tymirial White Muaj më parë
who else wondering why he got 1770
JaySlays Muaj më parë
41:25 well that voice crack
Swishes Muaj më parë
Bol bol
D Waugh
D Waugh Muaj më parë
You should redo 2012 finals with all players in there prime okc vs mia
Galaxy KTY
Galaxy KTY Muaj më parë
Clique does NOT sound like what he looks like lol
Jaiden Walker
Jaiden Walker Muaj më parë
Why are you So ugly
Why are you So ugly Muaj më parë
Jesus loves you
ItsMeSneaky Muaj më parë
“Cee Pee 3”
Colin Frojen-Andersson
Colin Frojen-Andersson Muaj më parë
Gray Payton was drafted in 1990
Atticus Speis
Atticus Speis Muaj më parë
Video 16 of requesting a Pistol Pete simulation
DunnyBuckets Muaj më parë
Brian Clark
Brian Clark Muaj më parë
i ws waiting for julius randle to make a shot when you reminded me to like
DJ Hammer
DJ Hammer Muaj më parë
clique says "u are the computer how do u miss" like he expects all 80 90 shots each teams takes to green.....
Kahli the Goat
Kahli the Goat Muaj më parë
clique is the only guy with 50min long videos tht i will watch
daniel gordon
daniel gordon Muaj më parë
Day one of telling clique to do DENI AVDIYA career sim
Mill Muaj më parë
I was wondering why Chris Paul has never been on an Eastern Conference team when you reminded me to like
Francis Cruz
Francis Cruz Muaj më parë
Is that Landry shamet?
YG_Vevo Muaj më parë
Yoo what’s good Landry shamet
RamanN00B Muaj më parë
Clique, I don't know if you read comments a lot, but I really love your original, creative ideas for your channel. Keep it up man!
Clique Productions
Clique Productions Muaj më parë
thank you dawg
Ganz F
Ganz F Muaj më parë
i was asking for a lu dort career simulation when you reminded me to like
CASH IS DEAD Muaj më parë
I like your (Making fun of nba 2k21in 16 minutes)
Chace R
Chace R Muaj më parë
All imma say is Ewing is a bad man
Kay Double You
Kay Double You Muaj më parë
Is it just me or did clique have a mad glow up
XxKing JoshuaxX
XxKing JoshuaxX Muaj më parë
you should do a J cole simulation
Logan Wortman
Logan Wortman Muaj më parë
Gary Payton didn't even play in the 80s. lol
Warren Roby
Warren Roby Muaj më parë
Gary Payton was drafted in the 90's not the 80's...... raging at this when I remembered to like the video
Warren Roby
Warren Roby Muaj më parë
You didn't know Karl Malone? Wow
What is Sped
What is Sped Muaj më parë
Are you trae young’s brother?
J Hardy
J Hardy Muaj më parë
I was admiring your sexyness when u reminded me to like..😊
JonahTube HD101
JonahTube HD101 Muaj më parë
Lucas Mangalon
Lucas Mangalon Muaj më parë
bruh i thought you were trae Young on the thumbnail
Johannicorn Muaj më parë
Bro. U good?
Steel Nation Highlights
I was getting destroyed in the stands by Dennis Rodman when you reminded me to like
Mikah’s Box Breaks
Mikah’s Box Breaks Muaj më parë
Yo Clique, can you do a Cristiano Felicio career re-sim?
Elegantgiant Muaj më parë
Patrick ewing re-sim
Arch Dawg
Arch Dawg Muaj më parë
Dude WTF Gary Payton was drafted in 1990!!!!!! get right my guy...
Regi Muaj më parë
Need to do a Darko Miličić career sim
King Gumball
King Gumball Muaj më parë
video idea: buttercup from powerpuff girls career sim
Younes Bennani
Younes Bennani Muaj më parë
career sim
Younes Bennani
Younes Bennani Muaj më parë
Jonas Valanciunas carrer sim
MYNAMELULU Muaj më parë
First time asking for a Demarcus Cousins career re-simulation
Mission: Sports
Mission: Sports Muaj më parë
30:01 watch my goat go to work
Ramen Master
Ramen Master Muaj më parë
I was watching manute bol hit 3’s when you reminded me to like
Tre Smith
Tre Smith Muaj më parë
You should do a what if Carmelo was drafted to the pistons and sim to present day
Connor Scott
Connor Scott Muaj më parë
When I first saw this video I thought they were going to start dancing.....
Mike Christy
Mike Christy Muaj më parë
The CPU takes the worst possible shot everytime I swear
Rover Andrey Arellano
Rover Andrey Arellano Muaj më parë
i was listing to his name is johncena and you reminded me to like
Alvin Jacinto
Alvin Jacinto Muaj më parë
Brooooo that's your face?
DeadAss_Facts Muaj më parë
I was watching Chris Copeland highlights when you reminded me to like the video
Oden Turnbull
Oden Turnbull Muaj më parë
Quentin ferree
Quentin ferree Muaj më parë
Day one of me telling u I like watching ur videos while eating ramen
Rude BoyBranch
Rude BoyBranch Muaj më parë
I was waiting for fetty wap to come my way when you reminded me to like
Wizkid The Gamer
Wizkid The Gamer Muaj më parë
I was standing outside with shorts on while it’s snowing in Texas when you reminded me to like
[Insert Name]
[Insert Name] Muaj më parë
I was eating jason williams' white chocolate when you reminded me to like
Juan A Orozco
Juan A Orozco Muaj më parë
do another cash nasty career simulation
Common Catcher
Common Catcher Muaj më parë
I was drowning my pet fish when you reminded me to like so thanks
Luka Kolobaric
Luka Kolobaric Muaj më parë
Do Drazen Petrović career simulation
CertifiedSplikak Muaj më parë
Karl was looking at a little kid in the stands when he got that defensive 3
VolticViper Muaj më parë
I just saw Julius randle hit 100 points in one game when you reminded me to like
QTooReal Muaj më parë
I was watching this video on my tv while playing the same video on my phone when you reminded me to like
Logan Fox
Logan Fox Muaj më parë
Day one of asking for amir johnson sim but 99 potential
Harry Livens
Harry Livens Muaj më parë
Can you do a simulation where the team is only Lebron James, but each player is a different version of lebron, so 2003 lebron and 2020 lebron and 2016 lebron as they all have different playstyles
Jason Morton
Jason Morton Muaj më parë
I was at Red Lobster with Brandon Bass and John Salmons when you reminded me to like 👍🏻
Syed Askari
Syed Askari Muaj më parë
Day 1 Put a 99 Jacob Underwood In the draft class and put another 99 overall player every single draft clas till that man goes through retirement
The Blazing Blaziken
The Blazing Blaziken Muaj më parë
You should do a third option team Like Kyrie, Ray Allen, Kevin Love, Chris Bosh, Klay, and so on
BIG SUCC Muaj më parë
Do a jr smith career re sim
Don’t worry it’s mud
I was playing with mud in the toilet with Paul Pierce when you reminded me to like
Danyaal Cader
Danyaal Cader Muaj më parë
I was digging up wilt chamberlain's grave when you reminded me to like
JACO Muaj më parë
You remind me of Lil Dicky
Zack Lafe
Zack Lafe Muaj më parë
what if demarcus cousins never got injured? Video Idea?
Xeis _ColdX
Xeis _ColdX Muaj më parë
This just proves 2k cpu's are retarded and the ppl who make the game won't ever translate on court movements in their game at least for a while lol, seeing the cpu do fadeaways being guarded by two ppl is dumb
navneet kang
navneet kang Muaj më parë
i knew what this guy looked like but just watching him talk is so diff from just listening to him to career sims😭😹
רוצח האל
רוצח האל Muaj më parë
IDEA : put all hof players back on the team they were on in their prime.
MiC Jordan
MiC Jordan Muaj më parë
I liked a subscribed when you said Peyton Pritchard leads the Celtics to the championship
Brandon Withers
Brandon Withers Muaj më parë
Hey you should do a resimulation of the 2014-2015 Atlanta Hawks
Bad Man
Bad Man Muaj më parë
I was eating broccoli and steak when I was reminded to like
Mikey Lupkovich
Mikey Lupkovich Muaj më parë
Day 5 of asking for tmac next generation simulation
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller Muaj më parë
Bro as soon as the facecam turns off for some reason you turn into a different person in my head
devonseabrooks10 Muaj më parë
Real slick when you were picking your team in the 80's era and it landed on "Atlanta" and you were thinking of someone on that team, you put "Donald Glover" real quick then it changed like a second after to your selection "Dominique Wilkins".. I see you boy (s/o Childish Gambino & to his dope ass tv show "Atlanta")
JSH DRJ Muaj më parë
EY CLIQUE Back in 2007, there was a trade rumor going around, dude. Y'know.. LeBron James for Kobe Bryant, that whole deal? You should do a sim on that, yknow yknow, anyways its just a video idea 😂
Eau Rouge
Eau Rouge Muaj më parë
Nice hair, sir.
METRO Muaj më parë
ive never seen this guys face before this is crazyy
Life 'n' Gaming
Life 'n' Gaming Muaj më parë
You were reminding me to like when you reminded me to like
Tim Cleezy
Tim Cleezy Muaj më parë
Landry Shamet making 2k vids now.. ok i see u 👀
Philly Philly The Podcast
No Glasses
Arjun Dhot
Arjun Dhot Muaj më parë
Clique do a Darko Milicic resim
william mcintosh
william mcintosh Muaj më parë
I thought Clique would be some mid 30’s balding white man
Terrill Twitty
Terrill Twitty Muaj më parë
GP was in the 1990 draft
Mitchell Robinson
Mitchell Robinson Muaj më parë
Plz do Mitchell robinso career sim
Sully Productions
Sully Productions Muaj më parë
0:55 kuda fs 😂😂
Faqja Tjeter