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What If Kevin Durant Never Went To The WARRIORS? I Reset The NBA to 2015 To Find Out... 

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remember to breathe today its good for your soul
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kalculus 2 ditë më parë
I was listening to kd planning a trade to the lakers when you reminded me to like
Cj 4 ditë më parë
Sprite/Water and Thank you for making such amazing content!
EZM FRO 5 ditë më parë
yo i thought u was black lmao
John Finch
John Finch 6 ditë më parë
You should do a 2015 rebuild and help the wizards win a ring I liked John wall alot
John Finch
John Finch 6 ditë më parë
Ben Simmons with the freak freak would be scary bro
Bailey Williams
Bailey Williams 7 ditë më parë
No face cam pls
MASTER DRIBBLE 8 ditë më parë
try this aldesk.info/head/fMneo7uBmZbMxoU/video.html
haha yes
haha yes 9 ditë më parë
All this time I thought I was subscribed 😔
jiang zhongcai
jiang zhongcai 10 ditë më parë
The straight table provisionally land because sausage remarkably chase amongst a heady disgust. relieved, wide-eyed closet
Jack Goodwin
Jack Goodwin 11 ditë më parë
What if he wasn’t a snake
Adam The Account Plug
Adam The Account Plug 12 ditë më parë
The narrow cabbage phylogenetically invent because powder genomically hurry among a aloof cave. tired, righteous pharmacist
Murad Q
Murad Q 13 ditë më parë
Great vid my man! Lovin' it SPOILERS: 2015/16 - Thunder 4 - Pacers 0 (R. Westbrook FMVP) - KD stays and wins a ring! 2016/17 - Warriors 4 - Pacers 2 (S. Curry FMVP) - Splash Bros get their bling! 2017/18 - Raptors 4 - Thunder 2 (K. Lowry FMVP) - We The North, Raise that flag! 2018/19 - Raptors 4 - Thunder 1 (D. Murray FMVP) - Northern Pride stands tall! 2019/20 - Spurs 4 - Cavs 4 (K. Irving FMVP) - Uncle Drew in the Alamo! 2020/21 - Pacers 4 - Spurs 3 (D. Lillard FMVP) - Dame Time in Indiana!
11 i anlamak 1955
11 i anlamak 1955 13 ditë më parë
I am still playing 2k16 always okc won nba in first year
Tom Meng
Tom Meng 13 ditë më parë
The measly citizenship intradurally license because chin significantly question vice a enormous whiskey. jobless, lucky minute
only1ratty 13 ditë më parë
8:00 mvp performance
Zephy 13 ditë më parë
I was watching Stephen Curry winning dunk contest when you reminded me to like
Nikhil God Gaming
Nikhil God Gaming 14 ditë më parë
You got the trim of FNG
Christopher Palmer
Christopher Palmer 14 ditë më parë
do a dwight howard sim bro plz my dude
Tom Meng
Tom Meng 14 ditë më parë
The subsequent cold conspicuously program because salary prognostically name excluding a humorous heart. spectacular, subdued prosecution
6B 30 唐一儒 TONG YAT YU
6B 30 唐一儒 TONG YAT YU 16 ditë më parë
I was watching the video when u remind me to like
LaughNowDieLater 16 ditë më parë
random question but what microphone is that?
103havoC 3itCh
103havoC 3itCh 17 ditë më parë
Elvis clique inna building🤣🤣🤣
Adomas Fiseris
Adomas Fiseris 17 ditë më parë
The wacky cheese universally present because cockroach considerably precede plus a steep half-brother. four frail, yummy linen
Brian Gutierrez
Brian Gutierrez 18 ditë më parë
The observant psychology compatibly number because oak ontogenically communicate versus a odd reading. wealthy, mammoth gasoline
Bob 21
Bob 21 19 ditë më parë
"When Kawai Stept on Zazza's foot" Lol
Logan Geckles
Logan Geckles 19 ditë më parë
I’m here, but I ain’t answering about the drink....
yes D
yes D 19 ditë më parë
7:31 Ty Lawsuit?
A New Brand Collective
A New Brand Collective 21 ditë më parë
You win two in a row before a 6th game, it was 1-2.
Tom Brady
Tom Brady 21 ditë më parë
I thot you was black
Irving Gomez
Irving Gomez 22 ditë më parë
Whole shoulder snapped out 🤣🤣
Irving Gomez
Irving Gomez 22 ditë më parë
Imagine scoring 50 points and only missing 3 shots
The Oscar
The Oscar 22 ditë më parë
Christianryan Bautista
Christianryan Bautista 23 ditë më parë
Put boogie on the nop
Jarred Newport
Jarred Newport 23 ditë më parë
I miss the vibe of the videos before the facecam started. Still gonna continue watching.
dookie rubber
dookie rubber 23 ditë më parë
Pls stop facecam
Kamari wilson
Kamari wilson 24 ditë më parë
Can I get a what if harden went to the Sixers and not the nets
Laird Johnson
Laird Johnson 25 ditë më parë
I like to drink udanis haslems sweat
Tyler Herro
Tyler Herro 26 ditë më parë
eastsider64 26 ditë më parë
Dolores Hannon
Dolores Hannon 27 ditë më parë
The historical macrame radiographically smell because supply jekely sigh over a limping climb. super, bright babies
Elijah The goat
Elijah The goat 28 ditë më parë
i like to drink olive oil
Caden Nunn
Caden Nunn 29 ditë më parë
Who was the creator of this roster?
John Garcia
John Garcia 29 ditë më parë
Delonte west’s bisexual cousin looking ass
Philip Robarge
Philip Robarge Muaj më parë
I like tea
Esoteric Guru
Esoteric Guru Muaj më parë
Jay Mark Palafox
Jay Mark Palafox Muaj më parë
Resimulate 1949 please!
ginHunter Muaj më parë
lets be real if KD didn't go to GSW, Lebron would have 6 rings by now
frvshmdia Muaj më parë
lowkey thought clique productions was a black man lmaoo.. never mind
Caleb Dudfield
Caleb Dudfield Muaj më parë
i was testing Patrick macaws skin cells when you reminded me to like
Ugohaasisover9000 Muaj më parë
Would've been cool to see Harden and Durant stay on the Thunder
Zoned Out Shaquille O'Neal
Since it's the basketball hof and not the NBA hof, P. Gasol is a lock when you combine his NBA career with his international career.
cloud Muaj më parë
30:05 kawhi did zaza dirty
SevereDripJay **
SevereDripJay ** Muaj më parë
Is the difficulty on Hof?
Skyler Bird
Skyler Bird Muaj më parë
The mellow stop geometrically soak because weeder jekely step qua a permissible apparatus. crazy, thinkable report
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez Muaj më parë
Crazy how mike conley appeared at all star at 2020 game time and a year later in real time he appears
Winston Kruger
Winston Kruger Muaj më parë
The dew
Steven Milby
Steven Milby Muaj më parë
When he said Leonard stepped on ZaZas foot😂😂😂😂
Swishes Muaj më parë
Bol bol
qCxdez Muaj më parë
John Stockton and Karl Malone career sim like the Kobe and shaq
Demetrio M
Demetrio M Muaj më parë
19:47 😂
wryduchess7417 Muaj më parë
How was lebron a 94 in 2k 16 Durant 91 what that crazy
George Brown
George Brown Muaj më parë
I'm drinking some pink cranberry juice currently so Imma go with that
Christian Lingamen
Christian Lingamen Muaj më parë
If Kobe never tore his Achilles they win the title that year with Dwight, they played so well leading up to the playoffs and no doubt he probably wins another chip too
Malachi Davis
Malachi Davis Muaj më parë
I was reading the description because I forgot to breathe when you reminded me to like
Bryant D.
Bryant D. Muaj më parë
I got you Clique: The joke is that KD is a snake, and slithery finisher has a snake on the badge logo.
What's Good Captain
What's Good Captain Muaj më parë
54:22 makes since have a nice day
D Waugh
D Waugh Muaj më parë
You should redo 2012 finals with all players in there prime okc vs mia
Elijah Johnson
Elijah Johnson Muaj më parë
Watching KD In number 35 again feels good to my soul
Andrew Francis
Andrew Francis Muaj më parë
Remember when Kawhi stepped on Zaza's foot? 30:04
Luke Stolz
Luke Stolz Muaj më parë
I love your content, but I mainly use it to go to sleep at night.
calvin sterk
calvin sterk Muaj më parë
Thakid_ethan Muaj më parë
vanillakilla Muaj më parë
W for Wavy
W for Wavy Muaj më parë
no more facecam
Luis Fernandez
Luis Fernandez Muaj më parë
Arreese King
Arreese King Muaj më parë
Kevin Durant was a 94 Overall in 2k16
rocketleague 4567
rocketleague 4567 Muaj më parë
Who else lowkey misses how good the thunder were 😢
Historicalz Muaj më parë
I was taking my time to dribble with my left hand at the dinner table with kyrie when you reminded me to like
Terrell Callahan
Terrell Callahan Muaj më parë
Little do people know that the Blazers offered Drexler and the #2 pic to Houston for Ralph Sampson. Houston declined the trade. Had that trade gone through...Drexler, Olajowon and Jordan would have been teammates for a decade and a half. The Greatest big three in NBA History. Do a video on that 🤔
Max Roether
Max Roether Muaj më parë
Yo where's that Nikola Pekovic career sim
ethanvaughandoesshit Muaj më parë
We gon ignore how curry averaged 43 and 10 assists on the mavs
ashtrey Muaj më parë
Everytime i try put in a uploaded roster it just uses the present one
Adam Chertok
Adam Chertok Muaj më parë
favorite drink - peach mango V8
DaCapalot Kid
DaCapalot Kid Muaj më parë
Do a if Damian Lillard had another all star on his team simulation
Forever Jordan
Forever Jordan Muaj më parë
Dame Daddy69
Dame Daddy69 Muaj më parë
what if jordan pippen and rodman were on the same time for there careers
Palm Trees
Palm Trees Muaj më parë
You should make a video of the big 3 Celtics teaming up in their early 20s to see how many titles they’d win
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Muaj më parë
Dennis rodamn resim but he can shoot
Kevin Edgecombe
Kevin Edgecombe Muaj më parë
Sprite soda
Yusuf Het
Yusuf Het Muaj më parë
Challenge: Random Player GOAT: The Challenge is to go on 2kMtcentral and get a random layer, you then use that players attribute for a created player you will make. (e.x you get david Robinson Driving layup, you make the custom made character have David Robinson's Driving Layup) and you will do this until you did all the attributes. RULES: 1) No Mystery Cards allowed 2)No Mycareer Cards allowed 3) You must use the exact number from that card, if its an emerald Lebron you use Emerald Lebron's Driving Dunk not his in game Driving dunk
Willie III Powers
Willie III Powers Muaj më parë
I was praising Julius Randle when you reminded me to like
asier araya
asier araya Muaj më parë
Flxxyy Eeeeh
Flxxyy Eeeeh Muaj më parë
I’m the 10k like??
chijioke njoku
chijioke njoku Muaj më parë
Clique you have to do a Myles Garrett career simulation
Sheluvvnaruto Muaj më parë
Suggestion sim your nba carrer
User Name
User Name Muaj më parë
Could we get a Jay Williams career sim? That way we can see how his career played out if he never got injured.
Sports Network
Sports Network Muaj më parë
I was ironing Julius Randle's All Star jersey when you reminded me to like
Ethan Landgraf
Ethan Landgraf Muaj më parë
Underrated youtuber actual GOAT
Ethan Landgraf
Ethan Landgraf Muaj më parë
I was googling vince Carter's championship winning 3 when you reminded me too like
‘Landon Ware
‘Landon Ware Muaj më parë
30:02 I Never Knew Kawhi Was So Dirty By Stepping On ZaZa😳
Faqja Tjeter
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