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Every single tall European prospect with a decent to good jumpshot (ex: Kristaps Porzingis, Dragan Bender) is compared to the God himself Dirk Nowitzki. But what if we just scratched all of that and put Dirk himself back into the NBA in the era that he helped create? well idk watch the video
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Billie Harshfield
Billie Harshfield 4 ditë më parë
Do Yao ming
Fat Oger
Fat Oger 8 ditë më parë
U should do we’re evry team is in the same conference
Snapshot Gaming
Snapshot Gaming 20 ditë më parë
"LaMarcus Aldridge retired" is all too real right now
yogiraj beknalkar
yogiraj beknalkar 22 ditë më parë
As a Dirk Fan Thank you for this
nmb Memphis beast24
nmb Memphis beast24 26 ditë më parë
Actually dirk was a decent shot blocker better than people like Blake aldridge
Cej Muaj më parë
good drafting with bad management 😅
Gabriel Suazo
Gabriel Suazo Muaj më parë
The previous orchid opportunely force because sociology italy greet round a ill-fated meteorology. anxious, festive bucket
Lachlan Miller
Lachlan Miller Muaj më parë
Well we now know Spurs are good at drafting good power forwards
LeBron James
LeBron James 2 muaj më parë
3 people in the last 10 years where named Anthony and got drafted first
Ryan Susanka
Ryan Susanka 3 muaj më parë
34:17 Bobby Hill?
GarkKahn 3 muaj më parë
You need to do one about ginobili When he retired the spurs began to suck
Almightyyram !
Almightyyram ! 3 muaj më parë
24:20 Coby wins FMVP as a Laker. Wow
Almightyyram !
Almightyyram ! 3 muaj më parë
.....3 times, ima just wait til the vids over to comment again
Almightyyram !
Almightyyram ! 3 muaj më parë
at the time i commented he only had did it once...but twice that’s crazy!
rhys 3 muaj më parë
This humor is the best nocap
Decie 4 muaj më parë
Whats your my leauge settings
Decie 4 muaj më parë
Whats your game sliders
Pinncushen *
Pinncushen * 4 muaj më parë
I was reminding my wife to like when you reminded me to like
Skynyrd Jesus
Skynyrd Jesus 4 muaj më parë
The first like 5 minutes of the video is basically everyone in consensus that Dirk doesn't know what defense is and can't block shots "Clique: Dirk is basically the white Hakeem." This is somehow both incredibly insulting to the greatest shot blocker in history, and also feels kinda accurate. I don't know how to feel about this lmao
C.Delane Polo
C.Delane Polo 4 muaj më parë
Tim Duncan and David Robinson Rookies career simulation
Oliver Sianturi
Oliver Sianturi 5 muaj më parë
This is stressful
Nick Setzer
Nick Setzer 5 muaj më parë
2k creating the Dirk draft class: you think we should put deep fades on dirk? 2k: *nah*
Corey Green
Corey Green 5 muaj më parë
Porzings is a real good coach in this sim
Mdilks267 5 muaj më parë
Going back to every Clique video to tell him that he’s appreciated 💚
Mason Hoffer
Mason Hoffer 5 muaj më parë
19:12 he predicted rj Hampton on the nuggs
Cory Carter
Cory Carter 5 muaj më parë
He said blah blah for bol bol 😂😆😂😆 i couldnt stop laughing for 10 mins 😂😆
ian isaac
ian isaac 5 muaj më parë
I would like to see a simulation of the greatest teams in NBA history.....
iC Brandon
iC Brandon 5 muaj më parë
In the portland denver series they have rj hampton who they obuiosly have in rl
SANDRA Mccullough
SANDRA Mccullough 5 muaj më parë
2k so unrealistic, how u a 98 overall and not getting mvp
SANDRA Mccullough
SANDRA Mccullough 5 muaj më parë
Who ever made dirk ratings did it wrong
De'Angelo Simmons
De'Angelo Simmons 5 muaj më parë
Do derozan but never leave the raptors
Lau Da
Lau Da 6 muaj më parë
The BET Hip-Hop Awards aired last night. For those who don't know, my NBA Cypher was inspired by @BETNetworks. Who all remembers this?
sp4rc 6 muaj më parë
Retired at a 96😂
sp4rc 6 muaj më parë
19 years in da league🥶
G14NL4K4S 6 muaj më parë
Timm Duncan career simm plss
Erdenebayar Ankhbayar
Erdenebayar Ankhbayar 6 muaj më parë
LEE bron
CodyOsteen5 6 muaj më parë
Dirk won a ring in Miami again. The 🐐
G13 classified
G13 classified 6 muaj më parë
what's funny is Dirk's athleticism as a young player was so underrated. Go back and watch those early dirk years...he could go coast to coast and throw it down when he wanted to. the league just wasn't ready for him. it wasn't until later he developed that insane unguardable elbow wrong-foot fadeaway.
Swish 6 muaj më parë
I was watching white Hakeem highlights when you reminded me to like
Owen G
Owen G 6 muaj më parë
Leomcnidas S
Leomcnidas S 6 muaj më parë
Would be nice to see a dirk career re-sim but playing with the mavericks again. Shoot dirk with kp and luka. I'm sure that would be a dominant big 3.
Paolo Taravella
Paolo Taravella 6 muaj më parë
Jack Franey
Jack Franey 6 muaj më parë
“Dirk is like white Hakeem” Hakeem: all time leader in blocks Dirk: Tall white guy with a slow jump shot
G13 classified
G13 classified 6 muaj më parë
lol i get it, but go watch Dirk's low post moves and foot work. He definitely has some hakeem in him in that regard. But yea, on defense that's just a laughable comparison.
Sports In Sports
Sports In Sports 7 muaj më parë
Thank you Clique For making me smile everyday
XiX 7 muaj më parë
Do a Brandon Roy vid without injuries
Al Chen
Al Chen 7 muaj më parë
2k simulation is 🤮
BigTich 7 muaj më parë
Dirk the real goat
z DuKeMaN z
z DuKeMaN z 7 muaj më parë
Why no deep fades?!?!
Rex Perlman
Rex Perlman 7 muaj më parë
I was at Tingis pingis’s coach of the year speech when you reminded me to like the video
ya boi koi
ya boi koi 7 muaj më parë
I was busy burying my refrigerator when you reminded me to like
Giovanni Colon
Giovanni Colon 7 muaj më parë
i was walking my fish when you reminded me to like
Nauriux 66
Nauriux 66 7 muaj më parë
Do a Rui Hacimura Carrer
thrawnfam 7 muaj më parë
How the hecc is kd 99 rated at age 40
Gustavo Almeida
Gustavo Almeida 7 muaj më parë
Steph at 39 years old is the captain of the all star game!! What a legend
Josh Cameron
Josh Cameron 7 muaj më parë
Commenting on a 2k20 again before the see through logos shit happened
Xeis _ColdX
Xeis _ColdX 7 muaj më parë
Y is Mitchell’s height at 6’1?? 😂 isn’t he like 6’3 or 6’4 or is that all a lie?? I’m confused now
Leper Keper
Leper Keper 7 muaj më parë
Was he still drafting for the spurs while playing as the trailblazers?
The Dylan Show
The Dylan Show 8 muaj më parë
2.2. Comment
T- Bone
T- Bone 8 muaj më parë
Golden Brush
Golden Brush 8 muaj më parë
Could you imagine dirk and Duncan on the same team
Sun Kist
Sun Kist 8 muaj më parë
Grant hill career re-simulation
Alexander 8 muaj më parë
I was giving my sim suggestion for the 10th time when I remembered to like
Alexander 8 muaj më parë
Do a sim where everyone is 40 overall but the draft classes stay with thier regular stats
Davies Family
Davies Family 8 muaj më parë
I was being a dirk offspring when you reminded me to like
Jordan Hubbard
Jordan Hubbard 8 muaj më parë
i was washing my trash can when you reminded me to like
Noah Porterfield
Noah Porterfield 8 muaj më parë
that brett brown joke aged well
Pixel Panzer
Pixel Panzer 8 muaj më parë
Bill Russel 104 years old iin 2038 still presenting the trophy thats commitment
Jason Niño Valdez
Jason Niño Valdez 8 muaj më parë
Nash and Dirk please
fred jones
fred jones 8 muaj më parë
you know your doing good when its 3 am with a bag of popcorn and a coke watching a dirk career sim
Ashley BATOR
Ashley BATOR 8 muaj më parë
You should do a Shawn Kemp sim
Sebastian Laub
Sebastian Laub 9 muaj më parë
Lmfao Dirk Klein
irohied 1
irohied 1 9 muaj më parë
Literally went to the wrong Texas team 🤣
theallaroundguy69 9 muaj më parë
Me: can we have Jayson tatum Mom:No we have him at home Jayson Tatum at home: 2:54
brian jackson
brian jackson 9 muaj më parë
The Rockets could have had Jordan and Olajuwon early on. That'd be cool.
the big chode JB
the big chode JB 9 muaj më parë
How many dirk offsprings in this comment section
Nate Elliott
Nate Elliott 9 muaj më parë
I was savagely inhaling recycled air when you reminded me to like
Raptors Fanboy
Raptors Fanboy 9 muaj më parë
You reminded me to like the video when I was touching myself
ermen elroy
ermen elroy 9 muaj më parë
This man dirk really said i'm going for back to back to back but fail short
C S 9 muaj më parë
Jahlil Okafor is not trash, his skill set is just mid used in today’s NBA. The right coach that could utilize a post scorer could help him out so much but most coaches are moving in a different direction unfortunately.
Joshua Weaver
Joshua Weaver 9 muaj më parë
Pause at 31:18 i knew my NBA career will take off!
Keaun Thomas
Keaun Thomas 9 muaj më parë
That fuckin shot chart😭🤣😂🤣😭🤣😂🤣
Dimitris B
Dimitris B 9 muaj më parë
9:43 how you gonna have your own player on the target list???
Noah Middleton
Noah Middleton 9 muaj më parë
How you get the draft
Carlos Osazuwa
Carlos Osazuwa 9 muaj më parë
I like how you could have had scottie pippen jr and leBron James jr on your team
LiL JJ 9 muaj më parë
Klein means small in German and dirk is from Germany so dirk Klein mean small dirk
Primo John Roger S.
Primo John Roger S. 9 muaj më parë
I was peeing while watching, when you reminded me to like
GreenReleaseRhys 9 muaj më parë
Mexican Alphas
Mexican Alphas 9 muaj më parë
No matter what alternate dimension Dirk is in, he's bound to win his first ring against the Heat 🙏😂
Jake Solomonder
Jake Solomonder 9 muaj më parë
I was making my name Irk when you reminded me to like
Bryce Cold
Bryce Cold 9 muaj më parë
Us mavs fans don’t like seeing dirk on the spurs
Raymond Bacchus
Raymond Bacchus 9 muaj më parë
Lebron never leaving Cleveland
Phiinx 91
Phiinx 91 9 muaj më parë
2038 and ur mvp has worse stats then the rookie
Ritik Kushwaha
Ritik Kushwaha 10 muaj më parë
C W 10 muaj më parë
z z
z z 10 muaj më parë
Grant hill
Robert Griffin
Robert Griffin 10 muaj më parë
Bronny was born in Akron
AG - 10BR 681562 Mayfield SS
Nobody hates Dirk
Jamar Williams
Jamar Williams 10 muaj më parë
I am subscribed to you and i am a fan. You do a great job...but your alright 8 times and a pic of 3000 is wrong bro. Just a sugestion...the way you say it maybe it sounds morr like Kevin heart?
Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia 10 muaj më parë
Markelo Anthony😂😂😂😂😂
Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia 9 muaj më parë
@DeMar DeRozan Yeah because they say shit and you don't even feel threatened and you're asking the right person
DeMar DeRozan
DeMar DeRozan 9 muaj më parë
Don't you just hate when a little kid comments twice? Oh, I shouldn't asked you...
Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia 10 muaj më parë
The way he said Nene🤣🤣🤣
Pablo Zadunaisky
Pablo Zadunaisky 10 muaj më parë
"Hold on hold on hold on... It's not your time to be a Dirk"
Derek T
Derek T 10 muaj më parë
What's your simulation difficulty at? Half the results in your videos are absolutely ridiculous
Andrew Barrios
Andrew Barrios 10 muaj më parë
Wow he won against Miami again
Faqja Tjeter