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I Bought NBA 2K18 To Rebuild The Worst Team... this was the result 

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do i need to say any more than playing NBA 2K18
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9 Tet 2020




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Toni J
Toni J 3 ditë më parë
Yooo predicted Griffin to the nets😂
LaggyGreen 14 ditë më parë
Mr Jrbeast
Mr Jrbeast 15 ditë më parë
Love your vids keep on going
Falling 16 ditë më parë
little does he know blake goes to the nets
Tyren_777 16 ditë më parë
I was winning the skill challenge when u reminded me to like
MidTNrap 16 ditë më parë
I liked for jae
EV 18 ditë më parë
Blake griffin to the nets
Shadiq Aryasatya
Shadiq Aryasatya 24 ditë më parë
blake griffin must've watched this video and think it's a good idea to join the nets irl
Raptor Bosh
Raptor Bosh 27 ditë më parë
22:31 tip from the future, the warriors are not gonna make the finals this year
Lane Michael
Lane Michael 28 ditë më parë
22:26 this is the nets 2021 record right now
Toom 29 ditë më parë
36:37 describes the nets today
Dakoda Smith
Dakoda Smith 29 ditë më parë
Idk what I am doing wrong, but my sim seasons have been hot trash lately. Start with a core of Giannis, Gobert, and Dinwiddie. Booted from the 1st round 3 years straight lol
WhiteDreeam 29 ditë më parë
This dude Clique really predicted Blake to the Nets
Ydsantiago 2007
Ydsantiago 2007 Muaj më parë
Funny thing Blake is on nets
Ivan Ramos
Ivan Ramos Muaj më parë
Play off Pete
Nestor M
Nestor M Muaj më parë
lol he got blake griffin like 3 years early
Eric D D Brown
Eric D D Brown Muaj më parë
gets blake before they really got blake you knew the future
Ryan Martinez
Ryan Martinez Muaj më parë
7:14 his legggg
S801gaming Muaj më parë
“Beasley is playing like Jesus” Didn’t know Jesus was bad at basketball. You learn something new everyday.
WhiteDreeam 29 ditë më parë
Well Jesus probably is bad at Basketball, he died like 1900 years before it was invented
jiang zhongcai
jiang zhongcai Muaj më parë
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BlackStar Muaj më parë
Blake griffin to the nets
Smacktalkula 590
Smacktalkula 590 Muaj më parë
In the thumbnail he has juries going to the nets and now look at the nets
Hoodie Plays
Hoodie Plays Muaj më parë
2K18 had the best MyGM of all time
IceSnipez Muaj më parë
Anyone one here after the nets signed black griffen
I am Jesus
I am Jesus Muaj më parë
Gay Hitler
Gay Hitler Muaj më parë
It’s the rosters when the game first came out dingis
Brady Griffin
Brady Griffin Muaj më parë
I was playing 2k-5 at Michael Beasley hall of fame spech when you reminded me to live the vid
Chauncey Jones
Chauncey Jones Muaj më parë
playoff p
warriors 3-1 lead
warriors 3-1 lead Muaj më parë
"The nets were the worst team" Me: Oh, this is gonna be GOOOD
Villain Muaj më parë
PG in 18 is actually nuts, I somehow managed to sign him in FA and whoever I had as the coach wouldn't let him start and move Giannis to the four but right before the playoffs Giannis went down for the rest of the season and PG lead the Bucks to a title
Only F
Only F Muaj më parë
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rix bp
rix bp Muaj më parë
Hold up... This mans got Blake Griffin and also tied with the 76ers at one point. Nets took notes lmfao
Leo Rivera
Leo Rivera Muaj më parë
Do a warriors rebuild now lol. Idk. Can’t tell you what to do.
Landyn Thompson
Landyn Thompson Muaj më parë
Damn this game tho
King Brad215
King Brad215 Muaj më parë
And Now Blake is on Brooklyn lol @clique can see into the future
Emily W
Emily W Muaj më parë
Stalin Muaj më parë
Hengenpen Muaj më parë
Bro predicted Blake griffin to the nets 5 months before it happened
Cody Y
Cody Y Muaj më parë
Who came here after Blake Griffin signed with the Nets?
Cody Y
Cody Y Muaj më parë
@Emari McDaniel true true 😂
Emari McDaniel
Emari McDaniel Muaj më parë
who came here after kemba and blake signed with the teams there on in this vid
Anthony Narvaez Correa
Anthony Narvaez Correa Muaj më parë
playoff p
Christopher Torres
Christopher Torres Muaj më parë
The rosters weren't like the actually 2k18 rosters
Jeremiah McCants
Jeremiah McCants 2 muaj më parë
Playoff P 😂😂😂
Brady Kingsley
Brady Kingsley 2 muaj më parë
Dude in like 2k18 my favorite team to use was the Celtics because there were really good
Joe Zito
Joe Zito 2 muaj më parë
I was walking my fish when you reminded me to like the vid.
Sean Brindle
Sean Brindle 2 muaj më parë
Enis canter is fucken trash
Ryan Khansary
Ryan Khansary 2 muaj më parë
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Jordan Dierking
Jordan Dierking 2 muaj më parë
Its amazing how they actually rebuilt this team. In real life
Jake Solomonder
Jake Solomonder 2 muaj më parë
when the whole video is watching one game
Isi Mendes
Isi Mendes 2 muaj më parë
Playoff P 💪🏾
Tommy Wallbank
Tommy Wallbank 2 muaj më parë
Playoff p
Mateo Chen
Mateo Chen 2 muaj më parë
That celtics game was comedy
Prettyboy Ashtun
Prettyboy Ashtun 2 muaj më parë
You cut to much
marmenta 2 muaj më parë
Playoff p
Jayden 2 muaj më parë
why not just get a over powered center and a over powered point guard or a point guard and powerforward
He gave celtics kemba before dey would have kemba in 2k 18😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂
Thef2jr 3 muaj më parë
Jacob Kennedy
Jacob Kennedy 3 muaj më parë
The Nets lowkey rebuilded better than this irl...
Logan Hogue
Logan Hogue 3 muaj më parë
Isn’t the worst team the game? 🤔🤔
WatermansBay 3 muaj më parë
Playoff p
Zaba 3 muaj më parë
Dwade on the bulls
Alex Caruso
Alex Caruso 4 muaj më parë
2:20 they never got rid of it wym
Mikey Stephan
Mikey Stephan 4 muaj më parë
MrMouse789 4 muaj më parë
I’m a keep Dlo 5 minutes later I might trade Dlo
M Kramer
M Kramer 4 muaj më parë
That intro sounded like shadowapples no cap
AlexHarper Gaming
AlexHarper Gaming 4 muaj më parë
“Quarter man in the corner”
ELBarto3 4 muaj më parë
You should come back to this kind f vids and rebuild the worst team on 2k19 !
Eric Vick
Eric Vick 4 muaj më parë
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Isaac Tane
Isaac Tane 4 muaj më parë
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Joaquin Samson
Joaquin Samson 4 muaj më parë
350k subs now
Walker Memmott
Walker Memmott 4 muaj më parë
imma say this rn I LIKED THE NETS IN 2018
Walker Memmott
Walker Memmott 4 muaj më parë
Ezio Altawil
Ezio Altawil 5 muaj më parë
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Mdilks267 5 muaj më parë
Going back to every Clique video to tell him that he’s appreciated 🧡
Specimen 9
Specimen 9 5 muaj më parë
Thomas Productions
Thomas Productions 5 muaj më parë
I was liking the channel when u reminded me to like the channel.
Dylan M
Dylan M 5 muaj më parë
Alternate title buying the worst 2k to rebuild the worst team
Sirjt Khan
Sirjt Khan 5 muaj më parë
You should do a career sim with franchise “next gens” kind of, where its the two franchise centerpieces like Kobe and Magic, Kareem and Giannis, Derrick rose and Jordan, Tim Duncan and David Robinson. I think that would be really cool and entertaining. Btw the Magic would be ineresting cause you could do Shaq and Dwight or Penny and T-Mac
Cristian Sontay
Cristian Sontay 5 muaj më parë
I was watching frank ntilikina drop 60 points when you reminded me to like
Guillaume Syben
Guillaume Syben 5 muaj më parë
Playoff P
Jaden Stone
Jaden Stone 5 muaj më parë
Hassan Whiteside overall dropped to a 83 in 2k20 😭😭😭😂😂😂. It was an 87 in this one
gzho2021 5 muaj më parë
I think you can be a good gm
Kenny Bradshaw
Kenny Bradshaw 5 muaj më parë
How about doing one on Allen Iverson
Denys Cherkavskyi
Denys Cherkavskyi 6 muaj më parë
I was watching Lob Lob dunking on Giannis when you reminded me to like
KRBY 306
KRBY 306 6 muaj më parë
2k18 was the first time i played myleague now it’s all i play
DLOADING 6 muaj më parë
If Lin and D-Lo never got injured, they would’ve made the playoffs
DeeOne 6 muaj më parë
Song at 00:00
Shoyo Hinata
Shoyo Hinata 6 muaj më parë
You should rebuild the worst team in 2k16
William kurt Laguna
William kurt Laguna 6 muaj më parë
That's intense 🤣😂😆😁🤣
Abgar Agadzhanyan
Abgar Agadzhanyan 6 muaj më parë
Playoff P
a Hhui
a Hhui 6 muaj më parë
I was wondering why people are typing weird comments until u reminded me to like
Dean24Baller 6 muaj më parë
Playoff P
Richard rage
Richard rage 6 muaj më parë
im the 100th dislike
Killacam 4real
Killacam 4real 6 muaj më parë
Make more 2k18 videos
Damari Thomas
Damari Thomas 6 muaj më parë
Playoff O
Agustin Haxhiraj
Agustin Haxhiraj 6 muaj më parë
There a lot of patch for example in clevaland at the end of the season hill and clarckson were the guards
Miguel Hidalgo
Miguel Hidalgo 6 muaj më parë
how the fuck did you get to 7ot
MalRulesAll 6 muaj më parë
vLOXDED TV 6 muaj më parë
I was dreaming being a 7'4 PG When you reminded me to like
David Freeman
David Freeman 6 muaj më parë
I was enjoying the video being 40 minutes long today when you reminded me to like
Freddy 2805
Freddy 2805 6 muaj më parë
I just binge watch these vids
Victor F
Victor F 6 muaj më parë
What the hell is wrong with that cheerleader 26:43
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 6 muaj më parë
Playoff p
Faqja Tjeter
Shikime 8 mln
Shikime 8 mln
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