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I Put The Seattle SuperSonics BACK In The NBA. | TEAM CAREER SIMULATION on NBA 2K21 NEXT GEN 

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if you make a team called the Seattle SuperSonics with Isaiah Thomas, LiAngelo Ball, Pau Gasol \u0026 Jamal Crawford and give it ten years to rebuild, how many championships do you suppose they will win

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(thumbnail h/t basketballforever.com )



24 Dhj 2020




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Sean DeCoursey
Sean DeCoursey 21 orë më parë
that max christie dude goes to the high school right down the road from me. he committed to MSU not long ago. shits wild lmao
CB 3 ditë më parë
Where did Álex go
Fortnite Gamer
Fortnite Gamer 8 ditë më parë
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Mes_ Noah
Mes_ Noah 14 ditë më parë
Bro that thumbnail would be such a fun team to watch even though they would probably be the worst team in the league
chao tran
chao tran 21 ditë më parë
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Jeremiah Randolph
Jeremiah Randolph Muaj më parë
I was reminding you to manually change the draft class when you reminded me to like your video
Jeremiah Randolph
Jeremiah Randolph Muaj më parë
I was practicing shooting with Steph curry when you reminded me to like
Jeremiah Randolph
Jeremiah Randolph Muaj më parë
Did he say don’t ask about Jake Paul .... why is Jake Paul there
ØDG / Muaj më parë
Ur missing the meme lord himself the hennessy god himself Jr. Smith
Eric Lamparter
Eric Lamparter Muaj më parë
the round mound of julius randle
Tax Fraud Billy
Tax Fraud Billy Muaj më parë
They still are in the nba there called the okc thunder
Chris W
Chris W Muaj më parë
What is that Trevor Arizas 25 team
TechnoMelon Muaj më parë
Video idea : put the Seattle Supersonics in the WNBA
JoeKing Plays Games
JoeKing Plays Games Muaj më parë
Can you do more expansion team videos
Spidey64dude •_•
Spidey64dude •_• Muaj më parë
in 2k20 create a roster always crashes my game on PS4
zerothetheif Muaj më parë
This didn't age well. Julius Randle turned into an all star
chaos carnage
chaos carnage 2 muaj më parë
I just kept the Thunder name and moved them to Seattle. And gave the OKC city, The Oklahoma Vipers
Jose Santiago
Jose Santiago 2 muaj më parë
Lol Los Vegas Dealers. Clique goes: “Bet Bet!” That’s exactly the point Clique 🤣
David Raak
David Raak 2 muaj më parë
We gonna ignore the fact one ur coaches name was Michael hunt
kian 2 muaj më parë
Downbubbles2 2 muaj më parë
Only Clique can start a myleague with a starting lineup of 60 overralls and Liangelo Ball and finish with 5 championships, 2 or 3 1st lottery picks. And a superstar dynasty. And yeah also Steph but who cares
Dominick Benacquisto
Dominick Benacquisto 2 muaj më parë
I was seeing Paul george drop 33 when you told me to like
Minecraft Musician
Minecraft Musician 2 muaj më parë
Aw even in Simulation there is pandemic P.
Beau Price
Beau Price 2 muaj më parë
when xavier tillman was the second best player on a final four team who beat zion's duke and clique doenst know who he is
jiang zhongcai
jiang zhongcai 2 muaj më parë
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BenDover23 2 muaj më parë
If this ain’t rigged I don’t know what is besides the Patrick Ewing draft
Ryan Martinez
Ryan Martinez 2 muaj më parë
why wasnt alex carouso on them?
JP Records
JP Records 2 muaj më parë
career sim of a 7 footer with isaiah thomas ratings pls
That one dude called ace
That one dude called ace 2 muaj më parë
I was talking to a dog when you told me to like
matt tim
matt tim 2 muaj më parë
"I don't know where Vancouver is, aside from 'its in Canada.' Yeah it's in the West, I cracked the code. Thank you for coming to my Geography lesson."
Evan 07Jay1
Evan 07Jay1 2 muaj më parë
theparker13 2 muaj më parë
They are terrible draft classes. Not only is he lazy for not changing years pro, he also has no clue how to rate the rookies. Having 4 payers as 80+ is ludicrous. Dude should just stop and let someone else make them
Jordan Reid
Jordan Reid 2 muaj më parë
Vancouver watchers are hurt
offwhite magic
offwhite magic 2 muaj më parë
They needa make an abq team
steadyLag 2 muaj më parë
I liked the video wen u reminded me to like
Yogi Cardinal
Yogi Cardinal 2 muaj më parë
You need to make a team of Indiana Hoosiers team and play with all the players from there
Kenneth Medlock
Kenneth Medlock 3 muaj më parë
I was waiting on shaq to make a free throw when you reminded me to like
Jofrey Lupul
Jofrey Lupul 3 muaj më parë
I flipped out once I saw Curry sign with the sonics and then find Kd back on the Warrors for a playoff duel. Lmao and kd lost again to Curry
Kale Carter
Kale Carter 3 muaj më parë
Xavier Tillman is from Michigan state
99OnDaTrack 3 muaj më parë
“We have Bol Bol. We should not lose any basketball games”
Aaron Sanchez
Aaron Sanchez 3 muaj më parë
Steph and Brandon Miller reminded me of Magic and Kareem, kinda. Like the older veteran superstar teaming with the new guy and becoming a dynasty.
Gwe44 -
Gwe44 - 3 muaj më parë
Young C
Young C 3 muaj më parë
Wait Wuh You Can Create Your Own Team??
Jaylen 3 muaj më parë
watching this now is hilarious because julius randle is an allstar
Destinie Nguyen
Destinie Nguyen 3 muaj më parë
Randle went from meme team to nba all star in 1 year lol.
Polski Kret
Polski Kret 3 muaj më parë
Las Vegas Eastern Conference >pick one
Fast _ eddie
Fast _ eddie 3 muaj më parë
I feel like if the nba brings back Seattle Kevin would go back 👍
Riley Cotter
Riley Cotter 3 muaj më parë
U forgot Tacko Fall
ducky likes random shit
ducky likes random shit 3 muaj më parë
where tf is tack0 fall?? a meme team without him, disgraceful😔
King Of Video Games
King Of Video Games 3 muaj më parë
35:09 saddest thing ever 😔
akajay 3 muaj më parë
forgot all bout them cuh
Jonathan barnett
Jonathan barnett 3 muaj më parë
I did 50 years year stimulation I added mj in the historical 84 draft losing season then added went to the 2003 draft I didn't get lebron I got Carmelo I won 3 with the pair then rebuilt getting shaq and Tracy McGrady went to 4 championships win 1 game then shaq was frustrated left McGrady ended up getting role players once McGrady retired I did a rebuilt I got the number 1 pick got a promising player he was good 7ft2 he was decent I opened the historical 82 draft I ended up getting the number 1 overall pick I remembered dominique Wilkins rating was higher than worthy I drafted Wilkins then I opened the 69 draft I had the 9th overall pick I traded my declined center 2 first rounders top 10 after top 10 I keep the pick and a 2nd rounder to the Clippers I picked up Kareem. I had Kareem and Wilkins big 2. So they won 48 games so the next year I drafted a Brazilian shooting guard he average 17 a game with my big 2 he was a steal in the draft 18th overall The big 3 went to the championship 6 times won only 3 titles they played 15 years together Kareem played 20 seasons dominique and the shooting guard retired same time Kareem was real loyal playing 20 seasons with my sonics
Frank Heffernan
Frank Heffernan 3 muaj më parë
Can’t like someone who hates canada
Sand 3 muaj më parë
Beasley is still in 2K, you just have to get him from the 2008 rookie class
yotsubawashere 4 muaj më parë
I was admiring steph curry's finals mvp trophies when you reminded me to like the video
Mahin Choudhury
Mahin Choudhury 4 muaj më parë
Seattle Supersonics could be the next successful expansion like the Las Vegas Golden Knights from NHL if NBA and city of Seattle approve to bring Supersonics back to the league.
donte king12
donte king12 4 muaj më parë
Steph curry pulled a tom brady in this video.
PlasticTurtle 181
PlasticTurtle 181 4 muaj më parë
Brandon Miller was literally LeBron
Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler 4 muaj më parë
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Sean Plant
Sean Plant 4 muaj më parë
I want them back
Carlo Reid
Carlo Reid 4 muaj më parë
20:20 you should've showed us some gameplay as a Knicks fan I just wanted to see em in the finals cause we'd probably have to wait til 2030 to see it happen in real life anyway smh
Vlone. Omxr
Vlone. Omxr 4 muaj më parë
I wish the super sonics were still in the NBA just to see if Kevin Durant would of stayed with Seattle
Tamar Preston
Tamar Preston 4 muaj më parë
Beats 4 muaj më parë
Off brand knicks
R33 Senpaii
R33 Senpaii 4 muaj më parë
What does pro years do, why he hated it so bad lol?
Chaos_Creed 4 muaj më parë
12:44 Not capping trust me but I was like what if they get the first pick Seconds later OH my God
R Dubz
R Dubz 4 muaj më parë
Saint Louis archers and the Seattle sonics
Zack Breazy
Zack Breazy 4 muaj më parë
Run up a part 2 of this where you go until holmgren miller and mobely retire!
Joejoejoeil !
Joejoejoeil ! 4 muaj më parë
"Las Vegas Dealers, alright bet, bet." Me: unintentionally funny
Eshan Bhatt
Eshan Bhatt 4 muaj më parë
Why are we going over the fact that they had a ONE PERCENT chance at the first overall pick when they were at 15 and got it????? That’s unreal
Bradley Moerman
Bradley Moerman 4 muaj më parë
you hating on all msu players bro
Bradley Moerman
Bradley Moerman 4 muaj më parë
the xavier tillman comment hurt all msu fans
Desean Rose
Desean Rose 4 muaj më parë
Yo best myleague ever gg
Trintxn 4 muaj më parë
You need to make a video with all the all brothers on the same team “make liangelo good”
Bruno Cardoso
Bruno Cardoso 4 muaj më parë
please continue the simulation or do another simulation with the dealers instead
The Aussie Cricket geek
The Aussie Cricket geek 4 muaj më parë
What ever happened to liangelo
Da Champ
Da Champ 4 muaj më parë
chet holmgren is dirk no wonder he made that shot
ToXic Gaming
ToXic Gaming 5 muaj më parë
De’ Millz
De’ Millz 5 muaj më parë
Vyc Miller is master P son
Soap Mactavish
Soap Mactavish 5 muaj më parë
I was admiring isiah thomas's dpoy when you reminded me to like
Neeco Alcaraz
Neeco Alcaraz 5 muaj më parë
Make a Kai Sotto Simulation.
Juliano Ricardo Pinto Rodrigues
Bro sometimes I look at Clique's videos and he says "subscribe if care about my channel at all" and I'm like, "Can I subscribe 2 billion times cuz this channel kept me happy in quarantine and I learned so much abt basketball, rap n etc, so like, please never stop being Clique and everytime I hear "alright alright alright alright..." I promise I'll smile
Chris Ijadele
Chris Ijadele 5 muaj më parë
I was watching this video when you reminded me to like
Lucas Maddocks
Lucas Maddocks 5 muaj më parë
Amnui is good he dunked on a 7-footer(from my own school) twice I witnessed them.
Andre Pare
Andre Pare 5 muaj më parë
I know you said don't ask, but what the hell is jake Paul doing in there
Lucas Maddocks
Lucas Maddocks 5 muaj më parë
Not just knocking Nate out in boxing
G-Roc 44
G-Roc 44 5 muaj më parë
Dang Gelo gotta get sign on a simulation
Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith 5 muaj më parë
13:12 the coach is named Michael Hunt
Codename Adler
Codename Adler 5 muaj më parë
Hey man! Thanks for the shoutout!
WillBillyWilliams 5 muaj më parë
I do this too, but I Delete all the players from the 95 Seattle Supersonics team and then put some free agents on it. And some random guys like Jeff Green who was on the original Seattle team and Gary Payton II for obvious reasons.. I like to do this so that I get all the jersey possibilities. And if you go into team name and delete the last S hit enter and then go back in and add the S back they’ll be called the supersonics without the 95 in front of it, and in the game they called the super sonic still, in case anyone wants to try this
Caveman Issy
Caveman Issy 5 muaj më parë
Being from Seattle this tickled my brain very nicely
N or R
N or R 5 muaj më parë
Am i trippin or does killan hayes always end up on the pistons
TomPlayz 5 muaj më parë
This man did not even acknowledge that a 99 overall LeBron James retired
Paul Hebert
Paul Hebert 5 muaj më parë
Do a 3 ball brothers on one team
Lucas Maddocks
Lucas Maddocks 5 muaj më parë
Too op, lonzo is op, gelo is a stealing boss(just doesn't get away with it) and melo is melo
Zay Jones
Zay Jones 5 muaj më parë
Day 1 of asking for a Tracy Mcgrady Career Simulation.
GHOSTIS RAIN 5 muaj më parë
Holmgren looking like luka out there
Darnell McMiller
Darnell McMiller 5 muaj më parë
Best one yet!!!!
sash ninja
sash ninja 5 muaj më parë
Do a Will Smith career simulation
DogeBro Y_T
DogeBro Y_T 5 muaj më parë
“Let me get a meme team together” Julius Randle: “Am I A Joke To You?”
Roy NAYR 5 muaj më parë
I was watching the Capitol get stormed when you reminded me to Like
Lucas Maddocks
Lucas Maddocks 5 muaj më parë
Bit too soon
Tee Squared
Tee Squared 5 muaj më parë
Just here to say that team in the thumbnail looks trash
Faqja Tjeter
Kidda X Capital T  - Magji
Kidda X Capital T  - Magji
Gold AG - Plumbi
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