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I bought NBA 2K11 instead of NBA 2K21 Next Gen 

Shikime 279 mijë
98% 2 755 35

imagine if NBA 2K21 was just NBA 2K11 with next gen graphics and Julius Randle
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9 Nën 2020




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Dank Noscopes
Dank Noscopes 5 ditë më parë
Lol 2k11 was my first 2k also
marcus k parker
marcus k parker 16 ditë më parë
In high school and college my dad play vs Daequan cook and my dad was good that cook guy
The Question Mark Animator
The Question Mark Animator 29 ditë më parë
Me who bought 2 2k11 cds and put it together and played 2k22: *smort*
andy mcpherson
andy mcpherson Muaj më parë
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Monk Killedababy
Monk Killedababy Muaj më parë
Wow it actually looks better... the textures are lower res but the GAME LOOKS BETTER
MizzouPatriot 88
MizzouPatriot 88 Muaj më parë
Bro you're straight trash at basketball games lmao.
Xavier Williams
Xavier Williams Muaj më parë
I like this video, this guy keeps up with my A.D.D.
Hey, man
Hey, man Muaj më parë
I used to ball out with Thaddeus Young. Lol
ChojiUchiha Muaj më parë
durant was so op in thoes early games made every shot bruuuu
LilVonFrmDaWest _
LilVonFrmDaWest _ Muaj më parë
goated game
MultiKushie Muaj më parë
Thinking I’m bout to start this up and get the Knicks they first ring.
The sister gang Mir
The sister gang Mir Muaj më parë
Do more rebuild on classic 2k
wiang Muaj më parë
don't know if best but both 2k10 and 2k14 are god tier
Quadjimo Uploader
Quadjimo Uploader Muaj më parë
Damn they were all so young... Back when the league was actually Great!!!
Drain087 Muaj më parë
Ronnie got high while making NBA 2K 10 and made everyone from 2K 09, regress by 10 overalls and didn't bother to fix it in NBA 2K 11.
sdffd sdfdfs
sdffd sdfdfs Muaj më parë
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Ayo Fabricio
Ayo Fabricio Muaj më parë
The title of this video alone deserve a sub
Jeremy Green
Jeremy Green Muaj më parë
screw u westbrook didn't want to be on ur team anyways bum
Armani K
Armani K Muaj më parë
Centimeters is objectively more logical and easier than feet and inches. Don't diss the metric system. Once you understand it you'll get it.
Eric McKinley
Eric McKinley Muaj më parë
the Over by drake slander is not appreciated
Vegito blue YT
Vegito blue YT Muaj më parë
Waited 10 years to make this vid
PK5 Muaj më parë
Hold L2 to dribble
Flxg Plxys
Flxg Plxys 2 muaj më parë
6:40 Except for Tacko, obviously..
Mekhi Smith
Mekhi Smith 2 muaj më parë
Jaden 213
Jaden 213 2 muaj më parë
1:15 we juss gon act like dat nigga head didn’t juss disappear 1:35 oh and now Horace grant 😂
Josh Siegel
Josh Siegel 2 muaj më parë
4:14 Parker had a 78 rating????
Brian Tacij
Brian Tacij 2 muaj më parë
We have the same birthday October 15th execpt I was born in 1997
FuzzyDunlop 2 muaj më parë
I was drinking chocolate milk when I realized this video is 3 months old.
Luke Figlia
Luke Figlia 2 muaj më parë
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NoVa ZeRo
NoVa ZeRo 2 muaj më parë
Brian scalabrine isn’t the only 2k player that number is also their overall did you forget that tako falls number is 99
Jeffery Dou
Jeffery Dou 2 muaj më parë
MJ dunked on him so hard his head came off 1:15
NotCrum 2 muaj më parë
How did you get it on pc
Gabriel Castro
Gabriel Castro 2 muaj më parë
17:16 Don't forget, My country, has no such thing as a good player... except for Varejão, of course, he is the goat
Mission: Sports
Mission: Sports 2 muaj më parë
1:16 Jordan dunked so hard Byron Scott’s head fell off his shoulders
Kaiydo 2 muaj më parë
Mannn I remember when I thought these graphics were heat😂😂😂
Itsguru X l
Itsguru X l 2 muaj më parë
Bro is that nothing even matters playing in the background?
SK 8
SK 8 2 muaj më parë
2k11 still got the best Kobe fadeaways SMH
MacPoosh 3 muaj më parë
"I don't know no Hall of Famer... come off the bench..."
not_gavinnn 3 muaj më parë
the headless horace man
bucks fan300 yee
bucks fan300 yee 3 muaj më parë
2k11 saw the bs coming in the future
Da'Shaunn TV
Da'Shaunn TV 3 muaj më parë
2K11 With A 2K10 Menu ? 🤣
THEREAL MVP 3 muaj më parë
What’s the name of that sound 5:00 minutes I forgot
THEREAL MVP 3 muaj më parë
GarkKahn 3 muaj më parë
3:35 i still don't get that In association mode my team is 7th off 16th def and 3rd overall...
GarkKahn 3 muaj më parë
Nba 2k11 and 2k12 are the best
Ahror Yusupov
Ahror Yusupov 3 muaj më parë
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Raymond Gallagher
Raymond Gallagher 3 muaj më parë
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KobiTakeflight 3 muaj më parë
How u bought 2k11 u bought it digitally or on cd if it was digital I wanna know? So I can download it
Gabriel Suazo
Gabriel Suazo 3 muaj më parë
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Kay4423 4 muaj më parë
Do more 2k 11 trade gameplay
Danny Eledge
Danny Eledge 4 muaj më parë
Good memories. I remember playing with my homies during summer break doing the my player. John Wall whooping my ass and making me restart the games because I wanted to get drafted high.
fisticuffszzzz 2 muaj më parë
John Wall used to slice my ass up 🤦🏿‍♂️
Moses Devadass
Moses Devadass 3 muaj më parë
John Wall was a killer on this game 💀💀
Breezie 4 muaj më parë
Nba2k16 or NBA2k17
21 Savage
21 Savage 4 muaj më parë
Jeff Sokol
Jeff Sokol 4 muaj më parë
2k16 is my favorite, but oddly enough I had the most fun on 2k19 because I actually had friends to run myteam and park with. That draft card Rik smits and pink diamond Steph was fucking lethal. I also had Steph KD and draymond all on my 2k team with galaxy opal CJ mcollum
Todd Dolla Sign
Todd Dolla Sign 4 muaj më parë
2k11 animations lowkey look better than 2k21
Cosmic 4 muaj më parë
the crowd looks like wet tissue
G Lyle
G Lyle 4 muaj më parë
NBA 2k14>>>>
G Lyle
G Lyle 3 muaj më parë
@Moses Devadass oh yeah, i mean 2k13 was amazing, and 2K14 improved in every single way except the soundtrack-and even then, there’s a ridiculous amount of hits
Moses Devadass
Moses Devadass 3 muaj më parë
Next gen has got to be the most hyped edition of 2K that actually lived to its expectations. I remember being so shocked watching that LeBron reveal, then playing it for the first time and literally amazed by how good the graphics were.
Slim Chain AKA G. Wiz
Slim Chain AKA G. Wiz 4 muaj më parë
Good memories
Bailžź 4 muaj më parë
Rip kobe
Brett Hoff
Brett Hoff 5 muaj më parë
When Westbrook got traded for curry I cried
Kinghulk21 5 muaj më parë
Chuks Azu
Chuks Azu 5 muaj më parë
I'm going to get NBA 2K11, 2K10, and 2K9 soon. I can't wait to play these and the older 2Ks were so fun and it's going to be a lot fun playing them.
Mdilks267 5 muaj më parë
Going back to every Clique video to tell him that he’s appreciated ❤️
wombita 5 muaj më parë
7:50 curry with jj reddick jump shot 😂😂
Ray Bar
Ray Bar 5 muaj më parë
Kingstyles05 5 muaj më parë
2k11 was definitely it for me.
Rokas xx
Rokas xx 5 muaj më parë
dont disrespect Linas like that
Alex Win
Alex Win 5 muaj më parë
This the best 2k to date. They should do more legend focused games
Moses Devadass
Moses Devadass 3 muaj më parë
They rather spend all their time and resources on a boring story line than deliver better game modes
Nathaniel V
Nathaniel V 5 muaj më parë
As a Nets fan, I saw the 2011 Nets show up and immediately had flashbacks. I remember being 11 and being convinced MarShon Brooks was gonna be the next Kobe and that Brook Lopez was the best big man in the NBA lol.
Alex VanDierendonck
Alex VanDierendonck 5 muaj më parë
2:12 Hello 2010 Shaq
Rares Costin
Rares Costin 5 muaj më parë
HansBricks14 5 muaj më parë
This was your first 2K game? Mine was 2K2 with AI on the cover. The intro song to that game was amazing. I just realized sports games don’t have intros anymore. Fuck I’m old.
Mission: Sports
Mission: Sports 5 muaj më parë
2K11 more next gen than next gen
Ralph Lemuel
Ralph Lemuel 5 muaj më parë
This jordan looks better than his next gen face scan
Noah La Near
Noah La Near 5 muaj më parë
YO WHat is the music in this video??? BOP CITY
A.K. Channel
A.K. Channel 5 muaj më parë
Please stop using god’s name in vain
A.K. Channel
A.K. Channel 5 muaj më parë
Please stop saying omg
Easy Money
Easy Money 5 muaj më parë
man when i tell you i loved nba 2k 11 and i missed it bruh i really missed that joint it was fun lit and entertaining but i might start back playing it since clique just played it i forgot all about it
Travel Chief
Travel Chief 5 muaj më parë
where can you find 2k11 on pc
TURNUP PAPI 5 muaj më parë
You should do one with MJ facing all of lebron James final Opponents
Xxplosive GokuStyle
Xxplosive GokuStyle 5 muaj më parë
7:04 Nba 2k11 giving D.Rose a 85 in his fucking mvp season 🤦🏾‍♂️
Dx 15
Dx 15 5 muaj më parë
Why does this game look exactly like 2k18
Opochtli 5 muaj më parë
Dis me
BigMoneyLopeeezy 5 muaj më parë
1:15 man got postered so hard his head disappeared
Gavin Calderon
Gavin Calderon 5 muaj më parë
I was going to the to the clique perdition Jersey retirement when he reminded me to like
LilOceanYT 5 muaj më parë
1:15 His whole head just disappeared
Pitchfork 5 muaj më parë
2k17 best all time
Frank Laurent
Frank Laurent 5 muaj më parë
He traded eric Maynor this is garbage
Jibril Agha
Jibril Agha 5 muaj më parë
Clique do a rebuild with 2k15
msrcali 5 muaj më parë
1:17 MJ dunked Byron Scott's head off lmao
özgür özdemir
özgür özdemir 5 muaj më parë
Here is an idea: Pick the first and last 10 mvps. However first are mostly centers and last are all guards and forwards. So, draft them into two teams by using a wheel. It goes like this: 1st round: Team A spins Wheel of Last 10, Team B spins Wheel of First 10 2nd round: Team A spins Wheel of First 10, Team B spins wheel of Last 10. And it goes on like this. After the teams are formed, they face off in a best of 7 series in 1 min quarters. Like this comment so that Clique can see.
Morgan T
Morgan T 5 muaj më parë
i didn't know I was older than you😐😐😐😐
Gaming Freak
Gaming Freak 5 muaj më parë
I was gonna end up going shopping at my local Walmart, but I accidentally but the store instead.
Nothing 5 muaj më parë
Wasent the goal to get the young big 3 a ring then u traded russ away
TRIIIAD 5 muaj më parë
Back when they actually needed the game to be good to make a profit. Now they just make 💰 💰 💰 off microtransactions and gambling
MR G 5 muaj më parë
The most underrated game mode in 2K history is ‘Situation’, bring it back!!
andre sepeda
andre sepeda 5 muaj më parë
Can’t believe you don’t know light out Linas klieza only nuggets know dude
dennies barsolaso
dennies barsolaso 5 muaj më parë
I wish i could play 2k21 but with the rosters from mid 2000s like kobe shaq nowitzki garnett jermaine oneal ben wallace tmac carter iverson nash so on..coz mid 2000s is better much exciting compare todays nba players
Dre'Armani Cartier
Dre'Armani Cartier 5 muaj më parë
2k21 next gen
Ben Larmer
Ben Larmer 5 muaj më parë
2k13 is the goat. last of the 360 era and the shooting was butter. Milwaukee Bucks had so many shooters they would make the warriors look bad. Jennings, Monta Ellis, Dunleavy, Redick, Ilyasova and more.
Matthew Malito
Matthew Malito 5 muaj më parë
2k11 best game ever made
Faqja Tjeter
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