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Shaq Said NOBODY Could Beat THIS Team... but was he right? 

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So Shaq proposed the idea on Instagram the other day that no other possible combination of NBA players, ever, could beat Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, LeBron James & himself in a 5v5.
Quite the bold take.
But maybe it actually was. I guess you’ll just have to watch the video or whatever
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3 Nën 2020




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Lerone Joseph
Lerone Joseph 17 minuta më parë
My dream team is Anthony Bennett, Kwame Brown, Kid gil christ, Dion waiters, Trey burk
juno knobloch
juno knobloch 3 ditë më parë
Jordon: Let's lebron wear 23 Also Jordan: I took that personal
Brayden Bockway
Brayden Bockway 5 ditë më parë
He kept calling mj Kobe😂
Iván Roa
Iván Roa 6 ditë më parë
11:26 all hail for dat cheese Chernobyl Alley Oop.
Joel Stucki
Joel Stucki 6 ditë më parë
That’s an amazing lineup, and they might indeed just take everybody. Shaq could be right. But I’ll take a crack at it: Wilt: strong enough to handle Shaq, athletic enough to handle LBJ. Tremendous scoring. Hakeem: good enough footwork for Shaq, great all around defense, more scoring. Pippen: good scoring if not great. But no one has more experience guarding MJ or more insight into how to play him. Grant Hill (before he got hurt): was gonna take over the league. Dude was a boss. Stockton: the all time leader in assists and steals, great shooting, great fundamentals.
Dylan Ramawad
Dylan Ramawad 6 ditë më parë
Maybe Magic Johnson or curry Dwayne wade Kevin Durant Kareem Abdool Hakeem olaja
music fan
music fan 7 ditë më parë
Wilt Chamberlain (even better athlete than MJ, and great shot blocker, defender) on Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson at point, Arvydas Sabonis to pull Shaq away from the basket on defense (also a good passer), Dr. J as another ball handler and capable of guarding Kobe and Michael on switches, Larry Bird for his being ahead of everyone on thinking (basketball IQ) plus he and Magic have always wanted to play together (good team chemistry).
Zack Brady
Zack Brady 7 ditë më parë
Kobe 2-6 Jordan 2-3
Da Main Mane
Da Main Mane 8 ditë më parë
Ego will make this team 6-10 in the finals.Theres more to it than just star power when winning championships
T 9 ditë më parë
Man this video shows how bad 2k21 is. The AI is so bad. Also you need to go more than 1 minute quarters!
Uzis burner acc
Uzis burner acc 10 ditë më parë
bron kobe jordan giannis kareem nobody doin nun to this🙄
Smokin's Channel
Smokin's Channel 11 ditë më parë
Kareem, Bird, Stockton, Dominique, Dwayne Wade
Smokin's Channel
Smokin's Channel 11 ditë më parë
Just pick 5 more legends
Rick Roberts
Rick Roberts 11 ditë më parë
Everyone has their numbers but Jordan...Gtfoh
B P 13 ditë më parë
Replace shaq with olajowon. That will be trully unbeatable.
Tom Upton
Tom Upton 13 ditë më parë
Best team would be Kareem abdul jabbar Lebron james Magic johnson Dennis rodman Michael jordan
C4 47 Jerimiah
C4 47 Jerimiah 14 ditë më parë
Iverson, Kobe - guards Jordan, Tmac - forwards D. Cousin (without injuries) centre
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee 14 ditë më parë
Steph, d wade, Mc Grady, Durant, Jabar
mrmashedpotato 15 ditë më parë
SF: Ron Artest PF: Dennis Rodman C: Rasheed Wallace SG: Latrell Speedwell PG: Gilbert Arenas
dnbr vinsmoke
dnbr vinsmoke 15 ditë më parë
yeah, no one. even if you put lebron in the other team 4 vs 6
Camp Camp
Camp Camp 16 ditë më parë
Lookin like the Monstars
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 17 ditë më parë
Girl: Im so real Also girl: 4:48
Billy Tracy
Billy Tracy 18 ditë më parë
i hate the 1 min quarters
Seye Joseph
Seye Joseph 20 ditë më parë
Hakeem Durant Magic Tmac Curry
NateOwl 20 ditë më parë
Magic, LeBron, curry, Karim, Jordan dream team.
Brian Garrett
Brian Garrett 20 ditë më parë
I get the reasoning but one minute quarters is not enough time. Especially to judge something like this. Already sat through the jordan vs lebron video and the games end at like 14-12. I get it takes time but If you are gonna do something like this then actually take the time to do it. I'm not saying you have to play em at regular nba game times but at least give them five or six minutes a quarter. Also from what I have seen from the mj lbj video these guys all shoot like crap. So as much as I like the idea of this video I see no reason to sit through it.
Jackir Erioa
Jackir Erioa 22 ditë më parë
you know this isnt real cuz steph dosent even have 30%
redick04clay 23 ditë më parë
3min quarters
Chase Samole
Chase Samole 23 ditë më parë
Stockton,wade,KD,KG and Hakeem would beat them in 4
Preston Gentz
Preston Gentz 23 ditë më parë
magic, clyde, bird, kareem, wilt. that would be my competition
Barney Lynch
Barney Lynch 25 ditë më parë
Magic, Oscar, Bird, Malone and Wilt would dominate that scrub team.
Muscle Bro's
Muscle Bro's 23 ditë më parë
What a clown 🤡🤡🤡
Landon 25 ditë më parë
Brian scalibrini could solo this team
Chiraq Veteran6
Chiraq Veteran6 25 ditë më parë
D rose T mac Melo KG WILT not saying this team wins but they would put up a much better fight
IAMAGenius 25 ditë më parë
Curry makes less 3pts than Shaq free-trows... Wtf 2K???
Harpoon 26 ditë më parë
That shaq impression funny asf
Old Snake
Old Snake 27 ditë më parë
MJ not the MVP? MJ not in the Bulls? MJ is not a Team Captain? This all bullshit!!!
Meli The Wolf Sin of Betrayal
Ayo is this SirD, this man sound like him
FC Guam
FC Guam 28 ditë më parë
Nice , however wished Spurs Timmy was playing 😔 ... my 4 were playing : Air, King, Olajawan and Curry but missing Timmy 🤔 .. why KD ? KD did not win with Tunder , only won with a "Set Team GSW" 🤦🏻‍♂️ ... ALL other 8 players except iverson won finals 🤔 ... or did iverson ever win a finals 🤔 ... let me look that up ...
SpvceMob 29 ditë më parë
bro u should do another one with Steph curry as a 6th man
Matt Folse
Matt Folse 29 ditë më parë
On god, Shaq’s team could never be stopped. Kobe and Jordan are two of the most clutch finishers ever. Bron ain’t far behind and shaq dominates everyone
Toxic 29 ditë më parë
2k logic Steph= Bad at shooting
Timothy Padilla
Timothy Padilla Muaj më parë
Shaq hit that mid was was funny af. Threw it up quick hahaha
Easy T.
Easy T. Muaj më parë
Another Unbeatable starting lineup. Steph curry at pg. Kevin Durant as sf Larry bird as sg Kareem Abdul jabar at sg And Patrick Ewing as C
che gaiter
che gaiter Muaj më parë
The fact that you didn't show the right answer for the VC, 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤮
Aj Zheng
Aj Zheng Muaj më parë
Mj 99%of the time on these simulated plays
Tysean Wooten
Tysean Wooten Muaj më parë
Why did he do 1 minute quarters
Sub Zero
Sub Zero Muaj më parë
I mean this a video game 😂... Nobody was able to beat Jordan in the finals IRL... So giving him 4 other great players around him its curtains for everyone else. Also as a lakers fan seeing jordan in the purple N gold would have been a blessing but not giving him HIS number 23 is disrespectful AF... Bron don't deserve that number at all.
regfamo dadobqub
regfamo dadobqub Muaj më parë
The nimble error distinctly suspect because astronomy outstandingly answer a a nebulous rutabaga. first, nippy pie
Joseph Adams
Joseph Adams Muaj më parë
Hakeem, Timmy, James, Jordan, Curry
Landon Sharp
Landon Sharp Muaj më parë
No one can beat this PG: Magic SG: Michael Jordan SF:Lebron PF: Hakeem C: Wilt chamberlain
luke lowder
luke lowder Muaj më parë
2k steph is trash in every video you make it’s crazy
Avery Hadik
Avery Hadik Muaj më parë
Should have had Kareem instead of Olajuwan
Swish Muaj më parë
Bro my line be like Curry Harden Luka Dirk Hakeem
Lilrick96 Muaj më parë
Jordan would've gave Kobe the death stare of a life time after game 4 😂😂 Jordan would've took the ball away from him the rest of the series
Alan Ela
Alan Ela Muaj më parë
Bird never touches the ball, shaq makes his free throws, and curry is missing open shots.... yeah, that seems pretty realistic.... put jordan out there with bird, magic, Kareem, and oscar Robertson. Magic could be a forward in that lineup. They'd kill everyone
Romeo O
Romeo O Muaj më parë
Yea that team is unstoppable
Zer0 1one
Zer0 1one Muaj më parë
Steph Curry Penny TMac KD Hakeem
J. T.
J. T. Muaj më parë
Oh boy, gimmie Magic, Jordan, LBJ, Duncan & Wilt 🔐
Anonymous Husband Anonymous Dad
Put Bron at the one and move every body up 1 position. He the only one that like to pass the ball. Lol
Amazon Roraima
Amazon Roraima Muaj më parë
Shaq. Duncan. LeBron. Kobe. Durant to beat any team with Jordan
Christopher Whaley
Christopher Whaley Muaj më parë
Yall forgetting about the best 3 pointer in the game Larry byrd.
Zachary Woodford
Zachary Woodford Muaj më parë
I'd get rid of Iverson for an actual PF and just have kobe or Jordan play PG. Maybe tim Duncan
A New Brand Collective
A New Brand Collective Muaj më parë
As I said about the most recent, they do these players so dirty (HAKEEM, Curry and Iverson especially).
Preston Jones
Preston Jones Muaj më parë
2K is tripping. Curry wouldn’t miss that many open 3s
Cal Roskopp
Cal Roskopp Muaj më parë
Not gonna lie that squad is 🔥. Just would move Kobe to the SF position and Jordan to the 2.
Oblitorix Muaj më parë
Wilt Kareem Pippen Durant Curry Will beat this shaq team no probs 🤷‍♂️
Nick Obenauer
Nick Obenauer Muaj më parë
Why didn't you use Chamberlain
Jack Fellow
Jack Fellow Muaj më parë
I go 1. Magic Johnson 2.Kevin Durant 3.Larry Bird 4.Tim Duncan 5.Kareem Abdul Jabbar Also yes ik KD at the 2 is weird but i have to put him here
Pullout 500 RT now
Pullout 500 RT now Muaj më parë
Westbrook,Mamba,TMac, KD, 👇🏾 🤌🏾 Mutombo. I want my liks too bih
999lljbryant Muaj më parë
Broadcast the best angle
Kahlil Poet
Kahlil Poet Muaj më parë
I wish people would saying Shake with the Lakers is his best. He was unstoppable in Orlando....
Griffen Lol
Griffen Lol Muaj më parë
But umm he was stopped 🥴
Something Clever
Something Clever Muaj më parë
Why put Steph at point and magic as the 2 guard? Flip that asap lol But they would for sure lose to shaqs team irl
B-ry_BeatboxNA Muaj më parë
Replace lebron with KD and you right shaq
Shaquille O’Neal
Shaquille O’Neal Muaj më parë
I’m the best player in the NBA
Don Whit
Don Whit Muaj më parë
I wanna see magic durant wilt tracey and harden
LEZHAURREON Muaj më parë
Wilt Durant grant hill tmac penny,
Naz Yishmael
Naz Yishmael Muaj më parë
Penny, McGrady, Pippen, Kemp, Olajuwon/Chamberlin ; Run 'em
Fach Muaj më parë
I've got a team: Steve Nash Magic Johnson Larry Bird Dennis Rodman Wilt Chamberlin ...I still agree with shaq though tbh.
jjaayyyllenn Muaj më parë
shoulda put dennis rodman
josh chronister
josh chronister Muaj më parë
CLOSE to unbeatable but uhhhh why is Shaq on that team??? Allen Iverson I get personally think Stephen Curry should be there but Shaq????? Nawh fam.
Mahmood Akib
Mahmood Akib Muaj më parë
C: wilt PF: duncun SF: Durant SG: curry C: magic I think they will win. Doesn’t mean they are the best. Just to match to this game.
Alcolhea Everett
Alcolhea Everett Muaj më parë
Lebron shitted on durant! 27:45
Alcolhea Everett
Alcolhea Everett Muaj më parë
Kobe fade away 3 was nasty #ripmamba
Alcolhea Everett
Alcolhea Everett Muaj më parë
I'm just loving jordan hitting these mid range shots
Riq da Mc
Riq da Mc Muaj më parë
I use Tim instead of bird but that's just bc I'm from san Antonio
Ali Adel
Ali Adel Muaj më parë
HW KohYT Muaj më parë
Ray allen
Alex Machaalany
Alex Machaalany Muaj më parë
If I was Shaq I would remove AI and put Steph Chef Curry
Carl Brignac
Carl Brignac Muaj më parë
I have a team that can beat this team
110% Spirit Born Israel (YHWH Official)
Pg: 81-82 Magic Johnson Sg: 87-88 Michael Jordan Sf: 86-87 Larry Bird Pf: 92-93 Hakeem Olajuwon C: 66-67 Wilt Chamberlain
Jiveturkey Muaj më parë
Bird with dark brown hair is tripping me out
Wolfpack FarGo
Wolfpack FarGo Muaj më parë
KD. Wilt. Curry. Harden. Giannis.
Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson Muaj më parë
white chocolate, white best player
Nicole Cook
Nicole Cook Muaj më parë
PG Magic Johnson SG Micheal Jordan SF LeBron James PF Hakeem Olajawan C Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Benny Grimm
Benny Grimm Muaj më parë
28:22 what's going on with his Laker t-shirt it's disappearing😳😳😳?
Brandon B.
Brandon B. Muaj më parë
5. Wilt 4. Duncan 3. Bird 2. Magic Johnson 1. Oscar Robertson
KT3 Gaming
KT3 Gaming Muaj më parë
Bra you suck at this just don’t play 2k anymore 🤦🏾‍♂️💯
Cantriple Plays
Cantriple Plays Muaj më parë
Shaw didn’t say that they had to be real people though
Cantriple Plays
Cantriple Plays Muaj më parë
Tyrell Hines
Tyrell Hines Muaj më parë
Magic at the Point Guard T Mac at the Shooting Guard Larry Bird at the Small Forward Kevin Durant at the Power Forward Kareem Abdul Jabbar at the Center And it’s a wrap
C K Muaj më parë
Jordan still won in 6 😅
Faqja Tjeter
Happier Than Ever
Shikime 11 mln
Happier Than Ever
Shikime 11 mln