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I Put Every All-Time NBA Team Into ONE LEAGUE... finding the Best Team Ever 

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i put the combined rosters formed with every single great player from every single nba team into the same league
that means teams like Kobe, LeBron, Magic, Kareem, Shaq & Wilt on the Lakers. KD, Curry, Wilt, Klay & Draymond on the Warriors. DRose, Jordan, Pippen & Rodman on the Bulls. i think you get the idea.

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17 Dhj 2020




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TheTesterYT 3 ditë më parë
i did this and the Celtics won the championship xD
Mario Thomas
Mario Thomas 3 ditë më parë
Aye fam I would like to see all-time team play each other
Ty Dula
Ty Dula 3 ditë më parë
How did you get that cool background at the menu were it shows both of the teams before u play
Ndeye Diop
Ndeye Diop 4 ditë më parë
He didn't score a 100 with the 76ers it the warriors he scored a 100
Ndeye Diop
Ndeye Diop 4 ditë më parë
It call santa Cruz
Ndeye Diop
Ndeye Diop 4 ditë më parë
I think it prime wilt chamberlain vs prime bill russell
DuckyStorys 4 ditë më parë
9:47 "did lebrom just hit a full court shot for noe reason"🤣
GumboGaming 10 ditë më parë
20:53 Blocked by Jesus Christ
James Williams
James Williams 11 ditë më parë
Okla-go home-a City Thunder
Beazle Eyes
Beazle Eyes 15 ditë më parë
Lebron hitting that “full court shout” just got style points 😂
Ethan Foster
Ethan Foster 11 ditë më parë
Beazle Eyes
Beazle Eyes 15 ditë më parë
Bro what did the g league teams do to you 🤣
boodbruh 17 ditë më parë
GoGoPlays 18 ditë më parë
I was kinda hoping for the Celtics but the Lakers are literally my 2nd favorite so YAY!
Jamie Anderson
Jamie Anderson 18 ditë më parë
Where was Charles Barkley on any of these rosters?
Stuff stuur
Stuff stuur 19 ditë më parë
Wilt scored a hundred on the WARRIORS not the SIXERS!(wilt is my fav player ever if you get something wrong about almost any other player I will nicely correct you but wilt I will rave SRGHSRChejdjdd
Stuff stuur
Stuff stuur 19 ditë më parë
Wtf did Lebron on the lakers literally stop existing
Kash 22 ditë më parë
He was pissed he got a 100% contest lmaooooooooo
M. Jackson
M. Jackson 26 ditë më parë
Where was Webber on the Kings team?
NotThunderPuff 26 ditë më parë
Bucks my all time team love the bucks cause you got giannis and Kareem and Allen to rain 3s
Dominik 28 ditë më parë
"blocked by Jesus Christ" - 20:53
Angel S
Angel S 29 ditë më parë
Only right that the Celtics and Lakers meet in the finals 😩🔥
ALphA PRi3sT
ALphA PRi3sT Muaj më parë
Bro Lakers all center lineup op
A y N o
A y N o Muaj më parë
we need an ABA season simulation if it could be done somehow
Rick Astley
Rick Astley Muaj më parë
Bro if Lakers loss I would be like 😶😶
Marko Zbunjol
Marko Zbunjol Muaj më parë
Why Jordan always "weak" on this simulation? I mean, every time i see Jordan is just not that good on this game. Low points and other category. Like in one simulation about draft from 1976. and Jordan is just average and Bernard King average is just insane.
Pizza with no bones
Pizza with no bones Muaj më parë
Imagine Miami going against the cavs. “Lebron James shoots the ball, and then Lebron James blocks it!”
anthony perente
anthony perente Muaj më parë
I was practicing my kawhi laugh when you reminded me to like the the video
michael shaw
michael shaw Muaj më parë
michael shaw
michael shaw Muaj më parë
michael shaw
michael shaw Muaj më parë
so is moses malone
michael shaw
michael shaw Muaj më parë
wilt was on 2 teams
Joshua Barnett
Joshua Barnett Muaj më parë
Are we not going to speak about how there's three different LeBrons just dominating the f****** League
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez Muaj më parë
Pov: u come to the comment section when he put AI over Ben Simmons
KP Muaj më parë
Mika Lalruatdika Hnamte
20:55 “Blocked by JESUS Christ”. LMFAO😂
adrian colton
adrian colton Muaj më parë
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Jack Ford
Jack Ford Muaj më parë
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Gracey Wagner
Gracey Wagner Muaj më parë
The certain celeste gergely x-ray because polish explicitly level absent a royal sock. lucky, quiet felony
Jack Jesser
Jack Jesser Muaj më parë
bro lebron just casually up by 13 in the first year against toronto and just pulls up from half way with 1.0 on the clock and drains it for no reason
bjbranson Muaj më parë
20:54 Blocked by Jesus Christ
danny smith
danny smith Muaj më parë
interesting video..haven't touch NBA for long time and i always have ALL Legends in one League and have it draft.
Almighty FDR94
Almighty FDR94 Muaj më parë
SpongeBob voice - “ soiled it soiled it soiled it “ 😂😂😂
SANDRA Mccullough
SANDRA Mccullough Muaj më parë
Where kobe, wtf
SANDRA Mccullough
SANDRA Mccullough Muaj më parë
I love bird, but how u win mvp with only 19 points a game
Braxton Foster
Braxton Foster Muaj më parë
Didn't wilt play for Lakers for a bit?
sean rosenkranz
sean rosenkranz Muaj më parë
wilt’s 100 point game was when he was on the warriors
Quentin Weems
Quentin Weems Muaj më parë
ah 3 lebrons in the leauge thats what i like
Chocofishwarrior7 Muaj më parë
KosS 2 muaj më parë
20:52 block by Jesus christ
cort hobelmann
cort hobelmann 2 muaj më parë
this game proved lebron is the goat
yotsubawashere 2 muaj më parë
I was sniping meyers leonard when you reminded me to like
Spoopti 2 muaj më parë
ADD 57078595867 ERAT
Joey Altieri
Joey Altieri 2 muaj më parë
Shocker the two teams with the most championships face each other in the finals
liam7511 liam7511
liam7511 liam7511 2 muaj më parë
Blocked by Jesus christ
Tayven Pasker
Tayven Pasker 2 muaj më parë
@HalftimeProductions The Lakers are always better than the Cltics
Erin Ellis
Erin Ellis 2 muaj më parë
you talk to much
Regina Figueroa-Tovar
Regina Figueroa-Tovar 2 muaj më parë
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DollBull Gaming
DollBull Gaming 2 muaj më parë
Blocked by Jesus Christ
Christian Delaware
Christian Delaware 2 muaj më parë
Okc I next year
Alec tate For mayor
Alec tate For mayor 2 muaj më parë
Where the fuck is reggie Miller:(
dev patel
dev patel 2 muaj më parë
Free throw romance violation
dev patel
dev patel 2 muaj më parë
I loved how hw just said daughtery instead of Dougherty
Zach the Sports Guy
Zach the Sports Guy 2 muaj më parë
I hate seeing all these Sonics players in Thunder jerseys
Jamar Williams
Jamar Williams 2 muaj më parë
Am i tripping or is Charles Barkly not on any all time teams?
Incognito Mosquito
Incognito Mosquito 23 ditë më parë
Hes not in 2k same with reggie miller gotta make them yourself or download player DNA that someone else made
Aion Wolfeey
Aion Wolfeey 2 muaj më parë
Best part of the video "I just got a notification that Gordon Heyward already got hurt"
Jayden McGuire
Jayden McGuire 2 muaj më parë
Kobe hits the three Me: MAMBA THERE GOES THAT MAN
Solar Danger
Solar Danger 3 muaj më parë
I was flattening the earth for Kyrie when you reminded me to like
Solar Danger
Solar Danger 3 muaj më parë
Panda Bear
Panda Bear 3 muaj më parë
22:32 is that lavar on the left?
DrTensley 3 muaj më parë
Luka already on the all time mavericks, not near as insane as kawhi being on the all time raptors team or Jimmy butler being on the all time Timberwolves team
Jonah Briggs
Jonah Briggs 3 muaj më parë
Purda vida= good bye
Something Something Darkside
That lakers 5 big man lineup is low key nice 😂
Nathan Hoks
Nathan Hoks 3 muaj më parë
How dare you disrespect the G League
Bestmidget_on_2k 3 muaj më parë
Ayo Phil chenier got the same last name as me
Destinie Nguyen
Destinie Nguyen 3 muaj më parë
19:20 that was actually 100 on the phila warriors, yes, the philadelpia warriors
C Murder
C Murder 3 muaj më parë
Aint no fuccing way the let jordan go out in round 1 😂2k IS ASSASSS
Hagen 3 muaj më parë
Video starts; "What if the Lakers just put Wilt, Shaq, Pau, Mikan and Kareem on the floor?" 18:35 yep Also, Celtics sweeping the Sixers is historically accurate
Ryan Wright
Ryan Wright 3 muaj më parë
Yo my guy, not many know but Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf was 1990s Steph Curry. Do a career sim for him.
James FitzGerald
James FitzGerald 3 muaj më parë
This makes sense. No team can compete with the amount of stars on lakers throughout history. 2k always seems to do Jordan dirty too.
Tracey Robinson
Tracey Robinson 3 muaj më parë
Why is LBJ not 99😤😤
andrea blount
andrea blount 3 muaj më parë
I love ya channel bruh
Kill Bill
Kill Bill 3 muaj më parë
Blocked by Jesus Christ 😂😂😂
Lance tzy
Lance tzy 3 muaj më parë
No one: Literally no one: Clique:7'8 muggsy
chao tran
chao tran 3 muaj më parë
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David Okolo
David Okolo 3 muaj më parë
Oladipo, over Reggie Miller? Why is Reggie Miller not in this game again? Michael Jordan is on here. I need more time to evaluate some of these other decisions.
HARDIESTBOY 3 muaj më parë
wheres bibby
Kade 3 muaj më parë
Its Yeboi
Its Yeboi 3 muaj më parë
Caim Counseling
Caim Counseling 3 muaj më parë
rip elgen baylor
Juju.Editzz 3 muaj më parë
Kobe or steph or lebron Miami heat or lebron on cavs one of those are winning
Shefki Abdu-Rahman Bafti
Shefki Abdu-Rahman Bafti 3 muaj më parë
Of course the Lakers will win this!! They're the best ever!!! 17 championships & counting
Max Goldsmith
Max Goldsmith 3 muaj më parë
Rip Elgin Baylor
Noah Small
Noah Small 3 muaj më parë
I can’t believe he said Mugsey is 7 foot 8 inches
Morgan Fairbanks
Morgan Fairbanks 4 muaj më parë
Wow no scroll over Kobe on the all time team? 🖕you
Skyler Bird
Skyler Bird 4 muaj më parë
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FNFGod 4 muaj më parë
I was watching tv when you reminded me to like
Meticulous 4 muaj më parë
I was buying my Anthony Davis signature shoes when you reminded me to like.
Sam Myers
Sam Myers 4 muaj më parë
This guy makes my day every time I watch his videos
suhan360 4 muaj më parë
Faqja Tjeter
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