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I Put The WNBA All Stars Up Against The NBA’s Best GUARDS... and this happened 

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Look man. There’s not much for me to say here. You know the whole WNBA thing? Well I was able to finally match up those premier WNBA players against the best of the NBA - but only those of a certain height, the NBA’s best guards. Cause, well, if Joel Embiid was in the game I think we know how that’d end. Nonetheless, here is the WNBA vs NBA, the most fair showdown you could possibly imagine between the two leagues. What was the result? Well uh... the video... the one you just read this whole description for... it’s up there
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21 Kor 2020




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Jon 8 orë më parë
not realistic, no air balls from the WNBA.
donnavan blake
donnavan blake Ditë më parë
3:09 its so weird hearing donovan knowing that i have the exact name
TheToyboy34 Ditë më parë
Put lemelo, bronny, and zion. Against all of them.
TheToyboy34 Ditë më parë
The dumbest thing I've ever seen.
Brian Logsdon
Brian Logsdon 4 ditë më parë
What an unrealistic game
PotatoesForLife123 6 ditë më parë
I totally thought they were going to be pulverizing the WNBA until I remembered that these are the shortest guys and that Boban, Tacko, Bol Bol, Steven Adams, and Demarcus Cousins would have blown them out.
Nicholas Korner
Nicholas Korner 6 ditë më parë
Ok.... This one was hard to watch... Not even close to realistic.. And I'm not hating on the wnba at all...
McLovin 7 ditë më parë
Wow this is the only WNBA game with full of crowds.
Max 9 ditë më parë
First bucket is an And One for Harden this shit never stops 💀
Nikhil Chama
Nikhil Chama 10 ditë më parë
If Michael Jordan in his prime played against them they will get crushed
Samuda Sanders
Samuda Sanders 10 ditë më parë
If this was real, a lot of dead body on court.
Camden Gallegos
Camden Gallegos 11 ditë më parë
4 to 3
Mike the Tiger
Mike the Tiger 12 ditë më parë
This just shows the WNBA can compete with NBA players. They really do need to pay them equally. I was shocked to see them do so well!! To all my friends who say they can't, I show them this video. What more proof do you need!
Dwight Crichlow
Dwight Crichlow 13 ditë më parë
This only works on simulations. Wnba would never win against nba series would never pass 4 games
dat guy gold
dat guy gold 15 ditë më parë
Man said Russell Westbrook get a screen from Bill Russell 5:03
Josh Long
Josh Long 16 ditë më parë
Four minute quarters goofball? What a waste of a simulation. Me and my fat mid 30s potato chip in friends might be able to get lucky for four minutes LOL stupid
JJCC G 16 ditë më parë
I just realized, I have more kidneys than the number of dunks in the 2020 WNBA season.
Ryan Marino
Ryan Marino 18 ditë më parë
I'm pretty sure Luka could beat a full team of WNBA players by himself.
Tadiwa Maposa
Tadiwa Maposa 20 ditë më parë
And kd
Tadiwa Maposa
Tadiwa Maposa 20 ditë më parë
Why did he not put lebron
zack edwards
zack edwards 21 ditë më parë
Lol they wouldn't even score, remember they use a smaller ball too 🤣
Ronan West
Ronan West 22 ditë më parë
If this was in real life wnba would get destroyed
Athanasios Matsolas
Athanasios Matsolas 25 ditë më parë
now do the same....and put Shawn Bradley in the mens team
Morvicks 26 ditë më parë
They are 95 and 90s compared to other WNBA players....compared to NBA players, the BEST WNBA player is probably in the 70s. No offense but what a useless video.
Blockmyfreedomofspeach I'llbeback
Hey clique how about adding a WNBA team to the NBA or add the whole WNBA to the NBA or just an All-Star team
Basketball Legends
Basketball Legends 27 ditë më parë
"Im JuSt UsEd To SaYiNg WoRdS" he says. I would hope ur not used to saying anything else 😬😬🧐
Lukas Lambraia
Lukas Lambraia 27 ditë më parë
This real game would never be this close
trap Kelly
trap Kelly 28 ditë më parë
This not even fair
Spencer Darland
Spencer Darland 29 ditë më parë
That Harden scoring 0 didn’t age well...
Los Savoo
Los Savoo Muaj më parë
2k21 is absolute most dog shit 2k
Danny Perez
Danny Perez Muaj më parë
Lol good sim bro, kept me on the edge of my seat
Ronnie Alston
Ronnie Alston Muaj më parë
They now damn well them girls shouldn't be no 90s
JakeTheSnake21 Muaj më parë
This seems like iso harden vs wnba
Justin Brown
Justin Brown Muaj më parë
“Dirk Nowitzki esque ! Nah it was kind of musty though I’m not gonna front” 😂😂😂😂
Neil Glenn Zaragoza
Neil Glenn Zaragoza Muaj më parë
i stopped watching after wnba win a game.. i know this is fake.. but come on.. thats BS..
Karan Gaglani
Karan Gaglani Muaj më parë
Damn dawg, kyrie should start on that team
NahDude Muaj më parë
Surprisingly entertaining.
Doug Warren
Doug Warren Muaj më parë
This is about as real as there is any talent in the WNBA
Doug Warren
Doug Warren Muaj më parë
the WNBA wouldn't score a single point in reality
Leg Man
Leg Man Muaj më parë
This wouldn't have even been close if you had Chamique Holdsclaw with a baseball bat. ; )
Sinisa Radulovic
Sinisa Radulovic Muaj më parë
Bro you should have adjusted the wnba ratings compared to the nba players
Sub Zero
Sub Zero Muaj më parë
Lebron would play in the WNBA and still flop 😂💀
SF Lazyfries ツ
SF Lazyfries ツ Muaj më parë
tyslink Muaj më parë
I thought video games were supposed to be getting more realistic? This is not that...
Gustavo Muaj më parë
I honestly thought it was a mod never noticed the WNBA teams were in the game until I saw this video
Sports. Highlights
Sports. Highlights Muaj më parë
Anthony Llamas
Anthony Llamas Muaj më parë
Made me believe the WNBA could be good..
Dinora Mercado
Dinora Mercado Muaj më parë
Me playing MYcareer oh PS:if you know you know
Dinora Mercado
Dinora Mercado Muaj më parë
Playing the trail blazers
Rhyan Stewart
Rhyan Stewart Muaj më parë
Him the whole game “doncic doncic harden harden harden”
SlumDog Beats
SlumDog Beats Muaj më parë
2k is tripping on these overalls, are you telling me elena della donna, a person who I personally did not know existed, is better than KD?! Damn 2k y'all smokin something else 😂
Quixs _
Quixs _ Muaj më parë
I lowkey want WNBA to win
Eduardo Flores
Eduardo Flores Muaj më parë
Imagine if this game was realistic
A Good Cup of Coffee
A Good Cup of Coffee Muaj më parë
Pretty sure everyone and their parents know the wnba highest overall should be like 75 with a 0 vert on everyone
Hiro Kai
Hiro Kai Muaj më parë
2k20 has WNBA???? No wonder 2020 was so terrible..
Sheldon Pashby
Sheldon Pashby Muaj më parë
You’re use of God’s name and office. Being the Christ. God says in His Word. He won’t hold anyone takes His name in vain.
Jack Schwanke
Jack Schwanke Muaj më parë
Mother marys school for the blind vs WNBA..who you got?
77 Spades
77 Spades Muaj më parë
This was a fun series
kamdaddypurp Muaj më parë
This would never happen in real life lmao
Jdogman PLAYS
Jdogman PLAYS Muaj më parë
Even the players in the game go easy when they play against the wnba
Brett Muaj më parë
No way would the WNBA have this much of a chance against the NBA. As if the women could actually outrun the NBA guards . Even the bench players would be able to beat the best WNBA players.
Yogi Cardinal
Yogi Cardinal Muaj më parë
4-1 NBA team
SeizedM0ney264 Muaj më parë
Had to take Ben Simmons ass out lol
MindGamesJay L
MindGamesJay L Muaj më parë
Put Ben Simmons In bro
dynaboyj L.
dynaboyj L. Muaj më parë
This comment section is awful.
Jake Kyle 255
Jake Kyle 255 Muaj më parë
Do the best nba players vs the best WNBA
Dylan Drye
Dylan Drye Muaj më parë
There is no chance the WNBA wins
It’s ya boi
It’s ya boi Muaj më parë
I wish irl they would have this game. If they want equal pay they gonna have to show they deserve it.
Drew Bryant
Drew Bryant Muaj më parë
Irl this would be a massive blowout not worth watching
Jack Siegel
Jack Siegel Muaj më parë
the shock at 12:29
Dakota Hagen
Dakota Hagen Muaj më parë
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Original Man
Original Man Muaj më parë
Wait there’s a WNBA all star game
Euge Simon
Euge Simon Muaj më parë
Harden sold
GOLDplus2 Muaj më parë
They all lubed and shiny
Adam Wiz22
Adam Wiz22 Muaj më parë
More people watch this WNBA then the real WNBA.
199azteca Muaj më parë
I heard that vintage Chris smoove at 20:55 lmao
Leo H
Leo H Muaj më parë
Why is harden taking all the 3s..you literally have curry on the team
Leo H
Leo H Muaj më parë
Cuz please..was this ever in doubt
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry Muaj më parë
This game is trash
Jacob Meyer
Jacob Meyer Muaj më parë
This is like a whole season of WNBA highlights of footage.
RedGiant Muaj më parë
Game 2 still wouldn't of went to overtime her foot was over the line
Anthony Briseno
Anthony Briseno Muaj më parë
the real overalls for the WNBA players are 40s if your comapring them to NBA players
Cram Etropal
Cram Etropal Muaj më parë
An average or below average high school boys team ( emphasis on BOYS ) would beat the ALL WNBA team. Case in point : In 2016, The Australian National woman's soccer team? which was ranked #4 in the world at that time and is still in the top 10, so by definition, LITERALLY the 4th best girl's team in the entire world !! They played an U-16 Australian city's boys team. Not the National U-16 team, no, just a decent sized Aussie city's boys team.... THEY LOST 7-0 to pre-pubecent boys. Google it, it was highly reported. These were baby faced boys, and they were bigger, stronger and faster than the 4th best girl's team in the world. Equal pay ? Get better at your damn sport, sell more tickets, merchandise and TV deals and get paid accordingly. The WNBA girls are lucky to get a scholarship and earn a decent living playing at all considering the fact that theres are literally thousands of men who are exceptionally and unequivocally much better than them, that will never come close to earning a living or playing under scholarship. The equal pay argument ia fundamentally flawed from however you choose to look at it. Market value, quality of the product and our collective western, capitalist ways of life. It's not sexist at all to call it for what it is. The girls suck. And because they suck and everyone knows it, they create very little market value for their product and as such, are paid accordingly.
Cram Etropal
Cram Etropal Muaj më parë
What's a WNBA ?
Dāvs Muaj më parë
WNBA stars should be happy that the stats are relative to their respective leagues
Richard Butterspread
Richard Butterspread Muaj më parë
You know the WNBA players are watching this like this is how it would really play out.
David Sweeney
David Sweeney Muaj më parë
Honestly if WNBA would have as much resources as the nba they’d find plenty of great players and could compete they just don’t have the resources and can’t find the best players there are plenty of great female players that aren’t in WNBA.
Derrick Accime
Derrick Accime Muaj më parë
You gotta do this by best player in each position in both leagues
The Monster
The Monster Muaj më parë
Irl nba all star team would sweep WNBA all star team
mohamed hussein
mohamed hussein Muaj më parë
Add up the wnba overall ratings together that would be the score to -1 with the Nba winning.
gesteho letijmek
gesteho letijmek Muaj më parë
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Seth Herlinger
Seth Herlinger 2 muaj më parë
James Harden was savage the entire series😂
sznBoogie XD
sznBoogie XD 2 muaj më parë
Females would never do this
Marissa Abston
Marissa Abston 2 muaj më parë
Lol oh, well good games 😂
Marissa Abston
Marissa Abston 2 muaj më parë
I mean....I appreciate the thought put into this arrangement but....I wish you would've just put the best nba players vs the best wnba players and see what played out. Its like you dumbed it down and gave the nba an automatic handicap which is an insult to the wnba players.......🚶🏾‍♀️if the best wnba gets whooped by the best of the NBA, no issue it was best of the best. Same if NBA best gets whooped by wnba best. Put the best against the best, no handicaps.
mekorn29 2 muaj më parë
Could take a halfway decent high school boys jv team against the WNBA all stars, and it might be close in the real world. 😉
Nick Setzer
Nick Setzer 2 muaj më parë
"you guys have been paying attention to 2ktv" lol hell nah
drillla4 2 muaj më parë
Lol Harden still does the double step back with the "1234" lol 3:57
Ur SuS
Ur SuS 2 muaj më parë
In a real match up Nba 250. Wnba 5
razor fn
razor fn 2 muaj më parë
daddy 10
Aiming Paining
Aiming Paining 2 muaj më parë
4 2 nba w
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