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2 Maj 2021




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Clique Productions
Clique Productions 2 muaj më parë
WHOLE SERIES PLAYLIST: aldesk.info/do/PLUrmhZYWcDmEH2uOzehxXbH0h83F294L9
SchwiftyTree Muaj më parë
Loy Hudson looking like Trae Youngs daddy 😳 👀 😆 🤣
4TH 19TH
4TH 19TH Muaj më parë
3 points is not possible to be removew BUTT Tune down the 3 point tendencies in the settings
Weapon X
Weapon X 2 muaj më parë
love ya man but how the hell do you not know that the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia in 1776? Lol just playing. Great video.
Aiham Idris
Aiham Idris 2 muaj më parë
5th comment
Ehi Ij
Ehi Ij 2 muaj më parë
Thank you for all the effort you put in 🙏
Janice Cuaresma
Janice Cuaresma 23 orë më parë
Wait wait wait magic Johnson was drafted in 1969
sTaTiC_jEfF Ditë më parë
It good we really never had a superteam
Archived Ditë më parë
Bernard King with the Goat case
BCL Ditë më parë
did i just see the Magic go (2-80) 😂😂😂😂 and the Raptors (5-77)???😂😂
Jimmy Pop
Jimmy Pop Ditë më parë
Bernard King... "a cool guy"... Yes, except for the multiple sexual assaults and physical assaults that he committed. Then was just forgiven because he was an alcoholic.. Ya love this guy though, and yet ya hate Karl Malone, cause he said some mean things? Makes sense... here's a little more detail about Mr. King.... While playing very briefly in Utah in the early 1980s for the Jazz, King was arrested on charges of forcible sodomy and forcible sexual assault. ... In 1994, King was arrested for allegedly choking a woman while he was intoxicated. 10 years later, he was arrested on four counts of spousal abuse.
McDavid97 3 ditë më parë
Bk for mvp
Mario Thomas
Mario Thomas 3 ditë më parë
Thank you for the videos shout to this random dude and the comments 🤣
Hollow 4 ditë më parë
Good vud
Cardierre Washington
Cardierre Washington 5 ditë më parë
Make ten more videos about this alright alright
Death by Snu-Snu
Death by Snu-Snu 5 ditë më parë
I now wanna see the GOAT Jacob Underwood play in the Jordan era.
The Shawshank Inception
The Shawshank Inception 6 ditë më parë
The Shawshank Inception
The Shawshank Inception 6 ditë më parë
Death by Snu-Snu
Death by Snu-Snu 6 ditë më parë
Pistol Pete Lezzgo!
tonyjr97 6 ditë më parë
I’m barely watching the series but my guess is everyone roots for their favorite players or teams to dominate at least one era👀😂
The Shawshank Inception
The Shawshank Inception 6 ditë më parë
I feel really left out whenever he mentions some rapper who I have no knowledge of other than occasionally their name.
Der Fabs
Der Fabs 10 ditë më parë
The only one, who can bring the Mavs into the playoffs, is Dirk.
MikeTownesGaming 10 ditë më parë
carson bargen
carson bargen 10 ditë më parë
"modders gonna go crazy with next gen on the PC" this statement did not age well
Kam Williams
Kam Williams 10 ditë më parë
i’m ready to see len bias
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones 10 ditë më parë
World’s man B Free…
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones 10 ditë më parë
This shit is gold.. Keep em coming..
Far Away From Home
Far Away From Home 11 ditë më parë
Idk how I just found this series. I watch your videos all the damn time. I’ve thought about what it would be like if you did this idea. Too sick 🔥
Rheper 11 ditë më parë
CAn someone tell me how he got those type menus on console mine looks nothing like that
khaleb mackey
khaleb mackey 12 ditë më parë
The black dugout gratifyingly bolt because flavor physiologically rob out a sable yellow. foregoing, second-hand cow
Jason Tanner
Jason Tanner 12 ditë më parë
Moses Malone came str8 out of high school
Gaioai crifyu
Gaioai crifyu 12 ditë më parë
The soft bestseller pathologically sound because millisecond cytogenetically jam amongst a whole description. filthy, possible bracket
VXGZeta 12 ditë më parë
5:09 apparently bubbles hawkins is Robert hawkins, who passed away...sadly
ThatPotato 12 ditë më parë
At the beginning why were the retro fillers 5’4 and weighed 350
the revlteezy
the revlteezy 12 ditë më parë
Bro you have amazing content SO CREATIVE‼️
Alex Brown
Alex Brown 12 ditë më parë
bk mvp
Kaleb Peerenboom
Kaleb Peerenboom 14 ditë më parë
I have a Playlist of your longest videos and I leave it on all night
NapGOD 14 ditë më parë
55:34 its the 80s and he got a Fn cell phone
SuperDfar 14 ditë më parë
Bk for mvp
NapGOD 15 ditë më parë
Bucks in 6
CaptainOfBears 15 ditë më parë
The coach of the year for year 1 went 74-8. How did he not see that.
dullboy 17 ditë më parë
The work you've put up for this is amazing. Thanks alot man.
Sploooshen 17 ditë më parë
Bk 4 mvp
Kolbster Gaming
Kolbster Gaming 18 ditë më parë
First round 5 games until 2003
Yolo Boy
Yolo Boy 18 ditë më parë
Repent and get right with God before it’s too late, transfer your trust from yourself to the Savior
Well, Hello There
Well, Hello There 18 ditë më parë
Fun fact: You can turn off the 3 pt in 2k in settings
OrlandoMagicGaming 18 ditë më parë
Len bias :(
RoadToSix 20 ditë më parë
elite content
sean buela
sean buela 21 ditë më parë
Jordxn Mendes
Jordxn Mendes 22 ditë më parë
chris the bot. TV
chris the bot. TV 24 ditë më parë
1:12:52 Bob McAdoo won a Championship in both 1889 and 1897?
Sensors Uncensored
Sensors Uncensored 28 ditë më parë
Sensors Uncensored
Sensors Uncensored 28 ditë më parë
Poor San Diego - losing the Chargers and now the Clippers never came thru town.
Pedro Picapiedra
Pedro Picapiedra 28 ditë më parë
I was waiting for summer to watch this chillin
scas312 29 ditë më parë
You put so much work into your videos your the best ALdesk ever
xLittlecountryx 29 ditë më parë
Bubbles Hawkins real name is Robert L. Hawkins
Ezi rulez 4 eva
Ezi rulez 4 eva 29 ditë më parë
Bk for MVP
Wassi Abbas
Wassi Abbas Muaj më parë
Bro I’m a subscriber, I enjoy your videos. This is the first time I commented on your video. As a basketball fan since the last 15 years I wanna say thank you for doing this series. You should be proud of yourself. This is incredible effort.
Quantavious Jenkins
Quantavious Jenkins Muaj më parë
I don't care what else happens in this simulation series. Bernard King is the GOAT. He can never be topped.
Andrew NBA
Andrew NBA Muaj më parë
BK for mvp
Quantavious Jenkins
Quantavious Jenkins Muaj më parë
I'm not even gonna hold you. This the first time I've ever seen Clique's face actually. And I've seen a few videos.
L.C. Norman
L.C. Norman Muaj më parë
I was watching my favorite Smush Parker highlight reel when you reminded me to like.
Jacob Soto
Jacob Soto Muaj më parë
0:40 Yoooo I never seen him before
Gusion Paxley
Gusion Paxley Muaj më parë
Im gonna watch this till it ends
Kristian Mijic
Kristian Mijic Muaj më parë
I legit used to think the Orlando magic were founded by magic johnson
Unkle Pablo
Unkle Pablo Muaj më parë
This guy knows nothing about the NBA. Casual ass only knows 2 players.
FMG Mack
FMG Mack Muaj më parë
Clique got no business being this damn funny for hours straight 😭😭😭
Deify II
Deify II Muaj më parë
Do it starting from 1949
Eli Moody
Eli Moody Muaj më parë
BK for MVP
Jose Aponte
Jose Aponte Muaj më parë
Bk fr.
Kyle Theb
Kyle Theb Muaj më parë
Victor Vandorn
Victor Vandorn Muaj më parë
Knicks had 1 title in 90s lmao
Jayden Nyarko
Jayden Nyarko Muaj më parë
First time seeing face not disappointed
ZAY ALL DAY Muaj më parë
It is the fun and games until Jr. Smith becomes the best player of all time
Brandon Hsia
Brandon Hsia Muaj më parë
The zany drain anatomically drum because latex surprisingly expect before a juicy profit. feeble feigned, dangerous harp
SilverFish Gamer
SilverFish Gamer Muaj më parë
BK (bernard king)
Stacie Mohler
Stacie Mohler Muaj më parë
8:38 just going to not talk about the fact that they won 74 games. or 18:13
SilverFish Gamer
SilverFish Gamer Muaj më parë
11:51 did anyone notice that the Braves beat the record for the most games won in a single season
Clade Ward
Clade Ward Muaj më parë
I love these videos!
Smr119 Muaj më parë
BK 4 MVP!!! Bruh this Is my fav New Channel I been addict to all your Vids !!
Dalton Reinhart
Dalton Reinhart Muaj më parë
BK for MVP
mswerkmeister Muaj më parë
this man is a legend. Anyone who spends this much time on this shit and commentates with the voice of an angel better be earning bank from those ads
Clique Productions
Clique Productions Muaj më parë
thank you lol
David Lynskey
David Lynskey Muaj më parë
Bubbles Hawkins' real name was Robert, and he was shot to death in a crack house at 39!
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor Muaj më parë
Brad Stevens coach of the year in the 70s🤣
William Stafford
William Stafford Muaj më parë
Let’s take a moment to respect the Clippers
ROCKY Lee Muaj më parë
Yo Idk why.. But I love videos like this... Crazy love for this, great work..
Brandon Medeiros
Brandon Medeiros Muaj më parë
Trae Young is Clique Productions?
Donald Duck
Donald Duck Muaj më parë
59:06 his voice just died on him 😂
Arbal3st Muaj më parë
You're a fuckin mad man...never change
chao tran
chao tran Muaj më parë
The weary line ethnically admit because helmet finallly strap regarding a gray greasy great men. telling, dispensable david
Morgan Ritson
Morgan Ritson Muaj më parë
Kermit Washington was the guy who punched Rudy Tomjanovic hard so hard that Rudy's face fractured, as did his first few vertebrae, and his spinal fluid leaked into his mouth. Kermit's life kinda went downhill after that.
Jamison Lamkin
Jamison Lamkin Muaj më parë
As a Laker fan, the first Finals in the darkest timeline.
Aditya Chintalapati
Aditya Chintalapati Muaj më parë
Whole series is 10 hrs 6 min and 57 sec
GamingBeFly Muaj më parë
I do want to ask, is this roster available on PS4, or are any of the cyber faces out there to download?
dan bissell
dan bissell Muaj më parë
#gimmethebravesback #bringthebravesback
OakPortGaming Muaj më parë
Dude I love just turning your videos on and playing 2k in the background or just doing chores
stinks Muaj më parë
1:15:50 woulda been a demon so heyayayshayayayayyeyeuhe
ImUnmatched Muaj më parë
How did i miss this banger??
Anthony Fortuna
Anthony Fortuna Muaj më parë
This is just perfection. Clique who does the editing for you 😂it’s just perfect too
Clique Productions
Clique Productions Muaj më parë
I do. 😂
Tracko 1
Tracko 1 Muaj më parë
kermit washington almost killed rudy tomyannavich
Kenneth Christian
Kenneth Christian Muaj më parë
Bernard King is the GOAT
Neptune Scalper
Neptune Scalper Muaj më parë
The cheap walk ultrasonographically pull because dinner muhly decide times a grumpy wood. male, pumped venezuelan
KYLE AND COCO Muaj më parë
The other arc is the high school line
Texas Two Step Gaming
Texas Two Step Gaming Muaj më parë
An hour in and thanks for the like reminder my dude
WhatUpJrk Green
WhatUpJrk Green Muaj më parë
"The Magics pick up Magic Johnson" 🤣🤣
WhatUpJrk Green
WhatUpJrk Green Muaj më parë
@Alperen Bulbul ikr
Alperen Bulbul
Alperen Bulbul Muaj më parë
Well that’s better than what magic actually picked up
Faqja Tjeter
Shikime 426 mijë