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Shaquille O’Neal. That’s all I really need to say. He’s Shaq. We all know Shaq. One of the, if not the most dominant player in the history of the NBA. But... how would Shaq perform in the modern day NBA? Well... that’s the video


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17 Pri 2020




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Clique Productions
Clique Productions Vit më parë
Collin Sexton for president twitter.com/imclique_ instagram.com/imclique_ www.twitch.tv/cliqueproductions
Darren Ferguson
Darren Ferguson 19 ditë më parë
Me watching this and him saying… that’s giannis’ first ring as they win back2back games in the finals!😂😂
Yung Lawson
Yung Lawson 11 muaj më parë
Do your career fam!!
We Are The 99
We Are The 99 Vit më parë
guys which should i download 2k19 or 20 which is better?
Antonio Vazquez
Antonio Vazquez Vit më parë
Clique productions you should do the ante bro’s career sims on the same team together 💪🏾 🇬🇷💯
Erickson Tineo
Erickson Tineo Vit më parë
@Clique Productions can you do s LeBron James simulation
Zerø 10 ditë më parë
Watching shaq dribble the ball at 15:30 made me think the ball was gonna fucking pop since his arms are built like trees
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 13 ditë më parë
He didn't chase the rebounds they just gravitated towards his orbit.
Seth Fuentes
Seth Fuentes 15 ditë më parë
That shaq looks liiiiiiit
scas312 15 ditë më parë
Do a Damian Lillard career simulation
Yolo Boy
Yolo Boy 17 ditë më parë
Repent and get right with Hod before it’s too late, transfer your trust from yourself to the Savior
Brian Viiox
Brian Viiox 17 ditë më parë
I’m sorry but did we acknowledge that Anthony Edwards AND Zion were on the same team
Okan Bircan
Okan Bircan 18 ditë më parë
Im offended 20:10
24ozPurrell 20 ditë më parë
16:10 my worst nightmare
Nick Schuman
Nick Schuman 21 ditë më parë
Imagine for some reason shaq developed a 3 in 2k
Stephchefjoey Muaj më parë
Wilt was more dominant cause he was more athletic
Janet Jones
Janet Jones Muaj më parë
The rapid hail relatedly pop because club dolly confess near a crabby border. bewildered, exciting exclusive cheek
MJ Muaj më parë
shaq lost in the 2004 finals
Aisar Mirza
Aisar Mirza Muaj më parë
Jonathan Milien
Jonathan Milien Muaj më parë
Play this at x1.25 speed to make him sound like he sounds now LOL
Recoil Hitsroof
Recoil Hitsroof 2 muaj më parë
Could you imagine if he did this during 2k21 so that the team would be Russell Westbrook, Bradley Beal, and shaq
kaisen yang
kaisen yang 2 muaj më parë
When you're a huge Russ and OKC fan..... 2021:Russ is on the wizard....YAH YEET
pao miranda
pao miranda 2 muaj më parë
hey where did you get that shaquille oneal appearance body and its face?
Will Spurgeon
Will Spurgeon 2 muaj më parë
do John stockton
Collatayral gaming
Collatayral gaming 2 muaj më parë
How do I do that
Ry4n 3 muaj më parë
Bro... 2k20 had op progression. Like Tyler Dorsey... 90 OVERALL (he actually has a face scan and a picture) Jawun Evans 88. OG 91. Kyrie 99. Capela 93, do you really believe capela could become a 92 and over. KAT 98, pascal 95 but he could possibly be dominate. Everybody here has a picture. Edit: KUZMA 89 COLLINS 95 JAXSON HAYES 92 WIGGINS 90 MALIK MONK IS AN 89
Yannick Harder
Yannick Harder 3 muaj më parë
Gheorge 😂😂
The KatoLoco
The KatoLoco 4 muaj më parë
Lol when u saw Jalen Suggs I immediately thought of the buzzer beater yesterday. Dude didn’t choke then
Jay’s training
Jay’s training 4 muaj më parë
“What the hell is a boo bird”😂😂 i was really laughing
Ameer Zackery
Ameer Zackery 4 muaj më parë
32:12 Bulls with the Mod squad starting line up and still got swept
Denyse Cassy
Denyse Cassy 4 muaj më parë
The third angle exceptionally stitch because save culturally ski during a tame air. mean, spotless slipper
JustAnotherDreamer 4 muaj më parë
I know this is a little weird, but do a collin sexton resim. MAKE IT HAPPEN
pao miranda
pao miranda 4 muaj më parë
hey is it pc or laptop that you are using this nba?
pao miranda
pao miranda 4 muaj më parë
pls i need your reply asap
pao miranda
pao miranda 4 muaj më parë
hey what nba are you using and where i can find shaq in that nba?
iDontShoot OG
iDontShoot OG 4 muaj më parë
How does he do this?
Only F
Only F 4 muaj më parë
The knotty cultivator superficially transport because australia neurochemically decay via a gabby snow. tenuous, slimy lasagna
Falafel Pizzahead
Falafel Pizzahead 4 muaj më parë
The Cannabis Club
The Cannabis Club 5 muaj më parë
Could you do Jerry west or Elgin Baylor. Sorry for the misspell
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 5 muaj më parë
Can you do a Hakeem Olajuwon career sim please
SauceGoatz Gaming
SauceGoatz Gaming 5 muaj më parë
Yak_em Andstackem
Yak_em Andstackem 5 muaj më parë
“What the hell is a boo bird” 🐦🤣🤣
LeBron James
LeBron James 5 muaj më parë
i feel like more people know who shaq is then michael jordan
Dominic Altamirano
Dominic Altamirano 5 muaj më parë
I'm one of Shaqs biggest fans. Yeah he does give Ewing big ups all the time, but IMO Ewing is one of the most underestimated Centers/Players off all time. Talk about wrong place wrong time! Ewing at almost any other era would have dominated like crazy! Unfortunately he was playing at the same time as Shaq, Hakeem, Robinson, Mutumbo and Zo! Other guys too Smits, Bol, Sabonis, Bradley, Divac those last few not so much. You get the point though the 90's and early 2000s was arguably the golden era for Centers! There was some crazy comp under the rim back then. Ewing was great and should be recognized a bit more IMO and I dont like the Knicks at all!
yotsubawashere 5 muaj më parë
Do a julian newman career simulation
Jarrid Woody
Jarrid Woody 5 muaj më parë
Grant hills would be nice too
Jarrid Woody
Jarrid Woody 5 muaj më parë
Do t macs what could’ve been
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres 6 muaj më parë
hes a top 5 all time player in this sim
Gameplay Gaming
Gameplay Gaming 6 muaj më parë
my name is Justle Navarro
yea, u dumb
yea, u dumb 6 muaj më parë
collin sexton his unexpected kobe
GamerRyderplayz 6 muaj më parë
Why was Spencer dinwiddie a 91 ovr???!!!
Jacob Galloway
Jacob Galloway 6 muaj më parë
Shaq is my all-time favorite NBA player
Joe Pesci
Joe Pesci 6 muaj më parë
Do Shawn Kemp
Paris Brandy
Paris Brandy 7 muaj më parë
You should do this in next gen
Zack Brooks
Zack Brooks 7 muaj më parë
It's funny he has Shaq a 325 pound rookie when in real life he was like 230 pounds as a rookie and he was also like a 92 -_-
Jaydev Bonto
Jaydev Bonto 7 muaj më parë
Mdilks267 8 muaj më parë
Going back to every Clique video to tell him that he’s appreciated 💚
Joshua Iyawa
Joshua Iyawa 8 muaj më parë
V1zi0n_PB 8 muaj më parë
Bradley Beal and John Wall kind of mirrored what Kobe did in the real life
Kareem Pringle
Kareem Pringle 8 muaj më parë
This was definitely one of crazier turnarounds in a sim career
BroadwayLovesEric 8 muaj më parë
We need a Javale McGee but he's actually Shaq 💀
Eiron Jorge Damaso
Eiron Jorge Damaso 9 muaj më parë
I feel like he's a 350 lbs person
Grimm LaStand
Grimm LaStand 9 muaj më parë
Sexton was this dimension's Kobe
Matt D
Matt D 9 muaj më parë
I was in tears when that dude hit the 3 pointer in the finals with one hand LOL.
GimmeDaLOOT 23
GimmeDaLOOT 23 9 muaj më parë
Shaqs son looks like NBA broke boy 😂
Nunya Damn Bidness
Nunya Damn Bidness 9 muaj më parë
this makes sense as there is no one to cover him in this era. no olajuwon, rodman, robinson. the original shaq wouldn't have been an 84 overall as a rookie. 23 a game with 13 boards and 3.5 blocks is not an 84 overall. thats the problem. also his steals should be good enough to nearly get 1 a agame for the next 7 years of his career.
raul rodriguez
raul rodriguez 9 muaj më parë
33:40 Does this man just went 100% of Ft? Oh yeah he did😅
Propagation Station
Propagation Station 9 muaj më parë
Luka Bol and the unicorn is a scary team
Propagation Station
Propagation Station 9 muaj më parë
Of course my knicks get the get again
Drew Johnson
Drew Johnson 9 muaj më parë
"Great defense john wall. Let Ben Simmons shoot 11 for 11" Goddamn that slight😂
dacapn 0045
dacapn 0045 9 muaj më parë
If you look, Shaq says that he told his agent it was time to hang'em up after he one that mvp
PRANK THE GANG 9 muaj më parë
My mans is literally hating on John Wall😂😂😂
Nolan Tudor
Nolan Tudor 9 muaj më parë
What about shaq and Howard same age career sim see who does better?
XCry2urmomXx 9 muaj më parë
Hey my fav center and u did this on my birthday 🔥🔥
Vinny Smoove
Vinny Smoove 10 muaj më parë
Pelicans could've had Zion and Shaq.
Vinny Smoove
Vinny Smoove 10 muaj më parë
Doesn't 2k not have the real rookies on PC ?
Vinny Smoove
Vinny Smoove 10 muaj më parë
I can't lie this dudes commentary is fucking hilarious!!
Jacob Hastings
Jacob Hastings 10 muaj më parë
wilt was faster
Ry4n 10 muaj më parë
Congrats on 300K
CRMS00N 10 muaj më parë
It's just... right. That Sexton and O'neal retire together. And all of Washington wept. For they were back to being irrelevant.
Jay Paris
Jay Paris 10 muaj më parë
U suck
Da Real Spider Virus
Da Real Spider Virus 10 muaj më parë
J adams kinda looks like Jimmy highroller 25:33
Admiral Spoor
Admiral Spoor 10 muaj më parë
32:15 Don't worry, RL in the future, an all 90+ overall Clippers team gets bodied by Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray on the Denver Nuggets.
Turner Gillmore
Turner Gillmore 10 muaj më parë
The 1 seed is definitely cursed in this game
Matthew Teinert
Matthew Teinert 11 muaj më parë
Do coaches career simulation and do a ton of them at once
Jay D
Jay D 11 muaj më parë
I love how clique tries to be saying stuff enthusiactly but he says and he hits it in the most calm voice 😂😂🤣😂😂🤣
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 11 muaj më parë
Shaq at the line to win the finals and an add pops up...gotta love the drama😂
Josh Morris
Josh Morris 11 muaj më parë
clique you cool? bc you sound different
D SHREE SAMYUKTHA 11 muaj më parë
me: clique will never make a sim of himself even if he hits 1000k , even if we subscribe from 100 different devices , using millions of fake accounts , becuz he's GeNoRoUs clique : (oh god , he read my mind ). nah, nah . we just need 100k to make a sim of myself
Berikcani 11 muaj më parë
Yo why did u actually pronounce nanyuan wang right bruh 😂
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo 11 muaj më parë
Luka Nd akumpo trade mvps a solid system 😂
Ravis Ball
Ravis Ball 11 muaj më parë
Was watching Shaquille break basketball hoops when you told me to like
Jaybird 2435
Jaybird 2435 11 muaj më parë
That hyphen was the real mvp
JHall18 11 muaj më parë
Lmao shaq looks like that buff Zion meme
Alexander 11 muaj më parë
I remembered to like when I noticed that you didn't pay David Stern this time so that Shaq goes to the Knicks 👍
PJ Washington
PJ Washington 11 muaj më parë
Clint Capela for MVP!
thelordthatispablo 11 muaj më parë
Might fuck around and buy a Sexton Wizards jersey because of this video.
Isaiah Ford
Isaiah Ford Vit më parë
The best career sim, jus saying 🤷‍♂️
Green Light Official
Green Light Official Vit më parë
2k progression is mucked up Tyler Dorsey was a 90 overall😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tim tebow
Tim tebow Vit më parë
Wilt was on a better team
Invid of INP
Invid of INP Vit më parë
Magic Shaq with Penny was just pure fun to watch.
jude macolor
jude macolor Vit më parë
What mode is he playing
Nick tsougranis
Nick tsougranis Vit më parë
I was signing Dante exum as my coach when you reminded me to like.
the lonely
the lonely Vit më parë
I was playing 2K20 against the Washington Wizards
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